Tuesday, November 11, 2008

UPDATE: John McCain coming to Georgia Chambliss event

I just received this and thought some of you Southern Belle Mamas might want to check it out!

John McCain is coming to Georgia Thursday to campaign for Saxby Chambliss. It will be at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre at 4:30 pm. Come out an show your support. He needs all the help we can give him. It is very important that we do not lose this senate seat. Anything you can do help in this runoff would be greatly appreciated. Visit his website and volunteer if you have the time!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

And I Am Telling You...I'm NOT Going...

As you can imagine, I've had a lot on my plate this week in my political life AND in my (gasp) real life. But I want to let you all know that I will be blogging and sharing thoughts and resources for Moms in the future. I'm taking a few MUCH needed mental-health days and will be returning next week ready to move forward.

In the meantime, I want to offer a brief pep talk for those who need it (if you're reading this, you probably do.). I'm 31 years old and I've never cared about an election as much as I cared about this one. John McCain is a true hero to America, and to me. But I'm going to live for many, many years. I will live under good Presidents and bad ones. Ones I like and ones I don't like. Ones who do a great job and ones who double my blood pressure medication. The world goes on turning, and the sun will rise tomorrow. (Unless, like me, you're in Seattle, where the current weather suggests I should be building an ark.)

It is important and necessary to grieve. We had an outstanding candidate, and he lost. That stinks. We will experience all the stages of loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. It is okay and healthy to go through that.

But as I have said a million times before, ACTION is the antidote. As McCain himself said, if you find fault with your country, make it a better one. My goal in months and months of work on the blog and forums and groups has been to create resources so anyone who wants to do something positive and constructive has the opportunity, no matter where you live, what your lifestyle is, what your financial status is.

We conservative-moderates are not 'suddenly' a minority voice, we have always been a minority voice in a world where 90% of the media are human beings who share different ideals. The difference is now we are a minority voice with fewer advocates on the front lines. That simply means more of us "regular people" - yes, Joe the Plumbers - have to put down the plunger and take up the cause of liberty. It means we have to shout instead of whispering. It means we have to do our homework and have facts to make our case (because, yes, some people actually are interested in those). It means we have to unite and help each other, share resources and ideas, unite behind basic principles and stop 'sweating the small stuff.'

I will return next week with some exciting NEW resources for all of you, and I want to sincerely thank the many wonderful readers and friends who continue to encourage me. In the meantime, please visit Let's Get This Right, a social networking mecca for conservatives and home to lots of great links and resources.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

With a Little Help From My Friends

In just over 7 months, what started as a rookie housewife on her couch has grown to a national movement that has reached nearly 20,000 people all around the world. It would not have been possible to do so much in so little time without a LOT of help.


My dear husband, independent 'mushy middle' voter, booed while holding my McCain signs for me at the fair, you endured profuse typing, sub-par frozen dinners and unwashed laundry.

My mother, a longtime Republican who got dozens of calls consisting of: "can you give my kids a bath while I talk to a reporter?" and always came through with a smile. My son, who during this election grew into a little man and an elementary student. My daughter, who was a baby when I started and is now every bit a two-year-old, thank you for delighting an entire room full of volunteers and our Congressman Dave Reichert by pointing to the cardboard cutout and saying "Look! John MCCAIN!!"

Linda, a fellow "stealth Republican" who didn't think I was crazy when I mentioned I was considering a blog project, and encouraged me to give it a try. And Lynne, who had never met me but let me invite 10 friends and a news crew to her house - with two hours' notice (really).

Brad Marston and Sheridan Folger, without whom John McCain would not have been the nominee. Period.

Michael Schuyler who didn't laugh at me when I couldn't figure out how to change my background color, and did an excellent job corraling the huddled masses of McCainiacs.

Steve Maloney, whose effusive praise and strategic ideas helped me think bigger and connected me with many useful and inspiring people.

The campaign staffers who graciously created a headquarters that didn't exist using a banner they didn't have and phonebank volunteers who hadn't been recruited on non-working phones and borrowed signs and buttons. The Reichert and GOP staffers who interrupted their work for an hour while we borrowed the backs of their heads.

The many wonderful Moms who guest-posted, shared their experiences, and left comments.

The Moms who got involved, stepped up and went outside their comfort zone. The SIGN MOMS, the question-askers, the pep-talkers and talkees, the phonebankers and doorbellers and armchair analysts and marketers and unofficial pollsters.

For the Palin bloggers, especially Adam and Paul, who reminded us that Moms ARE the GOP's future - figuratively, and literally.

Anne Franklin and the Clintons4McCain and PUMA team, for rolling up their sleeves and showing what amazing things can be accomplished when people support not just what is popular or convenient, but what is right.

CafeMom friends, for humoring me when I admitted I liked McCain. For the undecided Moms who gave me a chance to make my case. For the board admins who didn't kick off a McCain supporter back when we were pariahs. For the "nose holders," the gung-ho McCainiacs, the nail-biters and the cheerleaders, I appreciate you.

The Obama Thugs, paid and unpaid, who orchestrated a "freeze" on every pro-McCain or anti-Obama blog on Blogger, thank you for reminding me how important my freedom of speech really is, and how much this project truly means to me. And to the commenters who taught me to have a thicker skin and reminded me to pray for those who truly need it.

The respectful non-McCain supporters who shared their opinions like grownups and encouraged a young Mom who was usually in over her head to keep swimming.

This has been a life-changing experience, I will never think of my country, my government, the media, or my fellow citizens in quite the same way.

It is absolutely positively possible to make a difference. But only if YOU decide that it is. Nothing happens if you decide to do nothing.

John McCain: Make History Today

From John McCain (emphasis mine):

My Friends,

From the time I entered the Naval Academy at age seventeen I have been privileged and honored to serve my country.

Throughout my years of service, I've been faced with challenges where I could have taken the easy way out and given up. But I'm an American and I never give up. Instead, I choose to show courage and stand up and fight for the country I love. Today, I am asking you to stand with me and to fight for our country's future.

Our country faces enormous challenges and our next president must be ready to lead on day one. My lifetime of experience has prepared me to lead our great nation. I'm prepared to bring solutions to our economic challenges, bring our troops home in victory and improve our nation's healthcare system.

Time and time again, my country has saved my life and I owe her more than she has ever owed me. I have chosen to show my gratitude through a life of service to our country and tomorrow, you will have a choice before you.

I humbly ask you to make the choice that will allow me to serve my country a little while longer by casting your vote to elect me as your next President of the United States.

Finally, I ask that you never forget that much has been sacrificed to protect our right to vote. We must never forget those Americans who, with their courage, with their sacrifice, and with their lives, have protected our freedom. It is my great hope that you will exercise your right to vote as an American tomorrow.

I thank you for your kind support, your dedication to our cause, and most importantly I thank you for your vote.

With sincere appreciation,

John McCain

Monday, November 3, 2008

Worth The Fighting For

When people are faced with a challenge, there are two directions we can go. We can backtrack, retreat, weasel out of it, change (or PRETEND to change) how much we care. Or we can swallow hard, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. We can grumble and cower and sigh OR we can stand behind the people who are willing to face the headwinds and keep on going.

Today I have encountered every type of discouraging story possible. The Mom whose disabled son, unable to read a ballot, was "helped" to vote behind her back. The signs that were stolen, the screams out people's window. The people whose lives, homes, well-being was threatened if they didn't vote for Obama. Today I want everyone reading this to STOP and take a breath.

America is an experiment. Other people had tried republics, democracies, it usually ended due to too much wine, too much testosterone, and too much time on their hands. (Hey, if they'd had Xbox, Rome might never have fallen.) But America exists because people got mad. Fed up. PO'ed. Frustrated. Even desperate. We can let this anger and frustration destroy us OR we can use it positively.

If you're mad about the biased media, call a senior in Ohio or Pennsylvania who only gets her current events from the 6pm news, and tell her the other side of the story. If you're mad about ACORN's voter fraud and dirty-dealing, volunteer to be a poll watcher and keep everyone accountable for fairness. If you're worried about socialism, 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, the unborn, the American worker, small business, food on the table, gas prices, terror attacks - DON'T spend your time panicking and worrying and stewing. DO something about it.

I challenge anyone who reads this blog to commit to 20 minutes of your time on phone calling or if you're really chicken (cluck cluck, you know who you are), emailing people you know to tell them that you support John McCain and they should too.

I enjoy blogging, but I don't do it for the enjoyment. I've been flattered to get some attention for doing it, but that's not why I do it. I'll never serve my country in uniform or saving lives or building houses for the poor. I'll serve my country by raising responsible, healthy children and showing them, that I'm willing to stand up for what is right, whether it's popular or not. Are you? Would you give up 20 minutes for a better America? Do I need to remind you of the horrors of the Hanoi Hilton or will you just trust me that relative to what John McCain has given YOU this is not a lot to ask?

I've given you links, ideas, encouragement, news, shortcuts and hopefully even a few laughs. Now I'm asking you for 20 calls. If you value what you've seen and read here, I am setting this as the price of admission. If you believe in John McCain, pick up your phone and carry our candidate across the finish line.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

Election Day Info and Tips: Non-Partisan

NO McCain shirts/hats/buttons at the polls. Bring your ID (and your camera to record fraud). Watch your P's and Q's.

Here are some more excellent non-partisan tips from Yahoo:
  • Check your registration.
  • Double check your polling place, know when it's open.
  • Plan plenty of time to wait.
  • Bring your government-issued ID.
  • Beware of what you wear (i.e. no partisan gear).
  • Beware of dirty tricks (EVERYONE votes November 4.)
  • If something goes wrong, know your rights, ask for help.
In addition, the McCain Campaign has resources to ensure an Honest Election at www.johnmccain.com/honest.

A GREAT way McCain Moms can help this election year is offering to drive seniors or neighbors or others in need to the polls, OR offer to trade babysitting with a friend to ensure you both get to vote. It is well worth an hour of your time to make your voice heard.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Win Undecided Voters With a Question

Here are some "parting thoughts" to share with undecided voters, online, in person, on the phone:

Who do you trust to stand up to people with bad ideas or dishonest motives? Can you name one time Obama has shown courage or stood up for an unpopular idea? Who will deliver on this promise: the man who talks about it, or the man who's done it and has the scars to prove it?

Do you want a far-left Democratic President, Democratic supermajority in Congress, and liberal court who will rubber stamp everything each other does? (Lots about this at Divided We Succeed, interesting site supporting balanced 'divided' government).

Would you hire someone with no training or experience in your field to make life and death decisions for thousands of people and budget choices for billions of dollars? Then wouldn't McCain make a better Commander-in-Chief than Obama?

Do you care about gun rights? No? Well, if you'd ignore the 2nd amendment, the 1st and all the rest aren't far behind.

If you were building your dream home, who would you choose as the architect - the edgy young guy who never built anything to speak of, or the experienced veteran who has built many beautiful homes - even if he works for a firm that's not "in vogue"?

Do you want a man who thinks life and death decisions are "above his paygrade" or a President who's willing to take a stand?

Do you believe that a man who spent over $600 million to have a 50/50 shot at election will really spend your money responsibly?

And last but not least...

Who will make real "change" in government: a guy with a decades-long record of successful reform, or the guy who gives speeches about it?