Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain on Fox & Friends, Tuesday

From Fox and Friends this morning:

John McCain: "I have talked to the President this morning and recommended an increase from $100,000 to $250,000 FDIC insurance on deposits. I also strongly recommended that we use the exchange stability fund that the Treasury has available -- $250 billion -- to shore up these institutions. Also, the Treasury has at its disposal about $1 trillion that they could begin without Congressional authority buying up some of these terrible mortgages and help stabilize the situation. So I've talked to the President. I know that we have to act. Even though we failed yesterday, even though I went back and was able to get more Republicans on board or help get more Republicans on board, we will go back to this, and I will be engaged always where I think America needs engagement."

Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain statement on House Vote

I won't attempt analysis on today's Congressional debacle because unlike some members of Congress who are taking 3 days off when we finally DO need them - ahem - I spent today doing MY job as a Mom.

I have very mixed feelings about the bailout, but for the moment I'll merely encourage everyone not to panic until we actually have to. Use your fears and concerns for something productive, and remember how important it is that we put someone in leadership with integrity and a willingness to work - even when the cameras are off.

McCain's statement is below.

* * *

"I speak to you at an hour of crisis for our nation's economy.

"I believe the crisis facing our economy could have a grave impact on every American worker, small business owner, and family if our leaders fail to act.

"I share the anger and frustration that many Americans feel toward reckless and corrupt mismanagement on Wall Street and in Washington.

"I returned to Washington last week to work on a bipartisan rescue plan. It was the only plan at that time on the table but lacked enough support to pass. It also lacked sufficient accountability and transparency to justify expenditure of the taxpayers' money.

"At the time, the concerns of all members were not being heard. My colleagues were worried about the size of the plan and the risk it posed to taxpayers. I shared those concerns and I laid out principles that I thought must be adhered to. Those principles included responsible oversight, effective transparency, added protections for the taxpayers, and a cap on excessive salaries for executives.

"I also believe that the legislation should have no earmarks. I worked hard to play a constructive role in bringing everyone to the table. The plan is now significantly improved. We strengthened taxpayers' protections and oversight, and the taxpayers were on the hook for less money up front. Don't get me wrong - it isn't perfect. And the fact that taxpayers could have to spend a single dollar to create stability in our economy is a decision that I do not take lightly.

"I was hopeful that the improved rescue plan would have had the votes needed to pass because addressing a credit crisis is of vital importance to families, small businesses, and every working American who must be assured that their assets are safe and protected and that our economy will continue to function.

"Today, I've spoken to the Federal Chairman Bernanke, Secretary Paulson, Congressional leaders and now it's time for all members of Congress to go back to the drawing board.

"I call on Congress to get back obviously immediately to address this crisis. Our leaders are expected to leave partisanship at the door and come to the table to solve our problems. Senator Obama and his allies in Congress infused unnecessary partisanship into the process. Now is not the time to fix the blame. It's time to fix the problem.

"I would hope that all our leaders, all of them, can put aside short-term political goals and do what's in the best interest of the American people. Thank you."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate Reactions

Since I've spent the last 24 hours battling a stomach bug, I will let other people do the talking about yesterday's debate:

S.E. Cupp in the Daily News says Score One for John McCain.

Kathy at Purple People Vote points out the difference between McCain's soldier-rmembrance narrative and Obama's.

The Weekly Standard's Dean Barnett ntoed some of the same things that stood out to me: Obama came off as smooth but smug, and yes the "Pahk-ee-stuhn" thing was distracting.

Newsweek acknowledges McCain's superior grasp and experience on foreign policy, but asks will it matter to voters?

Off the top of my feverish head, I noticed that Obama mentioned Bush 16 times - an odd choice considering Bush isn't on the ballot.

The transcript of the debate is here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Campaign Statement on Negotiations

From the folks at the campaign:

"John McCain's decision to suspend his campaign was made in the hopes that politics could be set aside to address our economic crisis.

"In response, Americans saw a familiar spectacle in Washington. At a moment of crisis that threatened the economic security of American families, Washington played the blame game rather than work together to find a solution that would avert a collapse of financial markets without squandering hundreds of billions of taxpayers' money to bailout bankers and brokers who bet their fortunes on unsafe lending practices.

"Both parties in both houses of Congress and the administration needed to come together to find a solution that would deserve the trust of the American people. And while there were attempts to do that, much of yesterday was spent fighting over who would get the credit for a deal and who would get the blame for failure. There was no deal or offer yesterday that had a majority of support in Congress. There was no deal yesterday that included adequate protections for the taxpayers. It is not enough to cut deals behind closed doors and then try to force it on the rest of Congress -- especially when it amounts to thousands of dollars for every American family.

"The difference between Barack Obama and John McCain was apparent during the White House meeting yesterday where Barack Obama's priority was political posturing in his opening monologue defending the package as it stands. John McCain listened to all sides so he could help focus the debate on finding a bipartisan resolution that is in the interest of taxpayers and homeowners. The Democratic interests stood together in opposition to an agreement that would accommodate additional taxpayer protections.

"Senator McCain has spent the morning talking to members of the Administration, members of the Senate, and members of the House. He is optimistic that there has been significant progress toward a bipartisan agreement now that there is a framework for all parties to be represented in negotiations, including Representative Blunt as a designated negotiator for House Republicans. The McCain campaign is resuming all activities and the Senator will travel to the debate this afternoon. Following the debate, he will return to Washington to ensure that all voices and interests are represented in the final agreement, especially those of taxpayers and homeowners."


BREAKING: McCain going to debate

From Yahoo 1 minute ago:

WASHINGTON - Republican John McCain says he's going to be at the first
presidential debate, even though Congress doesn't have a bailout deal.

With less than 10 hours until the debate was scheduled to start, the McCain campaign announced that the Arizona senator would travel to the University of
Mississippi. The campaign said after the forum he will fly back to Washington to
continue working on the financial crisis.

The campaign's statement said McCain is optimistic that there has been progress toward a bipartisan agreement. But earlier in the week, McCain said he would delay the debate "until we have taken action to address this crisis."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bailouts and Debates: The $700 Billion Question

Today the straw broke the camel's back. John McCain shocked everyone, myself included, when he announced that he would put political campaigning on the back burner to roll up his sleeves.

Normally I use my blog and forums to 'talk fellow Moms off the cliff.' But this time Moms, I will admit without apology that this is a risky move. But what does it mean?

For one, McCain has courage. Cojones. (McCainSpace blocked that word, so if you prefer, use 'bollocks' which means the same thing but is evidently not as dirty.) If ever there was a maverick campaign move, it is - well - not campaigning. (Volunteers we are not off the hook - now is a great time to do some legwork!)

Politically, McCain has abruptly popped several liberal balloons. Commercials foolishly emphasizing 'McCain is the same as Bush!' will make Obama look petty and misguided -- unlike McCain's other bucking-the-party victories, this one can't be forgotten or ignored. Obama's claims of bipartisanship, open-mindedness and accomplishment will be put to the test without a teleprompter or a proverbial net. For better or worse, our would-be leaders will have to prove their worth by (gasp) leading.

Legislatively, McCain is right on the money. He and Obama (and Biden, while we're at it), are paid and trusted to do an actual job in the Senate, and I for one am not willing to kiss away thousands of dollars of hard-earned money - or worse - because someone wanted to eat waffles and kiss babies in Scranton. Showing competence at your current job is typically a prerequisite for a promotion, so both McCain and Obama are right to use their influence now for the common good. (I would, however, love to be a fly on that wall!)

Was McCain's announcement geared to attract attention? Of course. But He Who Changeth the Seal and Dresseth Like A Greek God Throweth Not Stones. Like all McCain fans, I would love to see McCain debate Obama on foreign policy (I had even arranged child care so I could attend a McCainNation debate event). But I think that having that discussion in the current circumstances is, not to overdo the Classical analogies, "Fiddling While Rome Burns." If a delay of a few days saves thousands of homes and millions of taxpayer dollars, that time is an excellent investment.

This is not the time to play "Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots". Obama acknowledged that with words, McCain is choosing to take criticism on his shoulders now, and acknowledge it with action. As a McCain supporter, I'd love to see him grow momentum right now, but as an American whose entire life savings is in my home and a few stocks, I think McCain got it right.

You wanted change, America? You got it.

UPDATE: McCain statement on returning to Washington

Complete statement from John McCain (posted 5:30 pm PDT):

Yahoo article here.


BREAKING: Debates delayed?

Just saw this on Yahoo: (12:00 PDT)

NEW YORK - Republican John McCain says he's directing his staff to work
with Barack Obama's campaign and the debate commission to delay Friday's debate
because of the economic crisis.

In a statement, McCain says he will stop campaigning after addressing
former President Bill Clinton's Global Initiative session on Thursday and return
to Washington to focus on the nation's financial problems.

McCain also said he wants President Bush to convene a leadership meeting in
Washington. Both he and Obama would attend the session.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wasilla Mom's thoughts on McCain and Palin

Today I have an interview with Tiffany, a Mom who runs a personal chef and catering business in Wasilla, Alaska, the city formerly led by now-Governor Sarah Palin. Tiffany shares her thoughts as a Mom, a Wasilla resident, and a voter.

* * *

Tell us about yourself. I'm Tiffany, I have two daughters, Kaitlyn will be 18 on Halloween (she is currently living in Pennsylvania with her dad and step-mother, she has been there for almost 3 years.) Grace is 8 and in the 3rd grade. We live in Wasilla, Alaska and have been here since 1998. I was born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and try to get back there as often as I can.

What do you do for a living? Currently I am the owner of Tiffany's: The Chef in Your Kitchen. I am a rather new business. I am a personal/private Chef, and I also offer catering and cooking lessons to children and adults. When business is slow, I am a Substitute Teacher for the Mat-Su Borough School District. I take whatever substitute positions I can get, this allows me be closer to my daughter and be active with her experience in grade school.

What is your involvement in politics? Is it different in this election, and if so, why? My personal involvement in the past was as President of my College Student Government. I was a member of the Alaska Coalition of Student leaders, and visited the State Capitol as an unpaid lobbyist for full funding of the State University System.

I have not gotten involved in election campaigns before. I have been paying more attention since 9/11. This time I am much more interested due the economy and the Iraq War/Terrorism issue.

I am conservative, although, I do not consider myself "far right." This election I signed up as a McCain volunteer and made a donation while Gov. Sarah Palin was still on the stage giving her speech. There is a local McCain-Palin office opening this week and I plan to work for them in any way needed.

Why did you decide to support McCain for President? I was already planning to vote for McCain , mainly based on his plans to increase energy independence. I am an Alaskan, energy is always at the top of our minds and it effects my family directly; oil is the largest part of the economy here. I also feel strongly that John McCain is the best choice for the security of our Country.

Does the choice of Governor Palin as a running mate impact your involvement? Oh Yes! My husband came into the room and woke me up that morning saying "guess who John McCain's pick for VP is ?" I couldn't have guessed at that time because the list I knew of all of the possibilities seem to run together. When he mentioned Gov. Palin I bolted out of bed and I have been excited and optimistic ever since. I called my mother in Pennsylvania, my cousin, sent e-mails to family members and friends. I even had a friend here in Wasilla call me screaming. She kept yelling "you were right! you were right!" I mentioned to her just the day before that I thought the VP pick was going to be the sound in the election. I have much respect for John McCain and trust he is the best choice for President of our Country but I just had a strange feeling about the VP pick. We did donate money, we ordered McCain-Palin gear, signs, etc. and we signed up right away as volunteers.

In your view, tell us about what Wasilla thinks of Palin's leadership. Were you around when she was mayor? What was that like? Well, I would say that Wasilla and all of Alaska loves Gov. Palin. As Governor, she really shook up some entrenched politicians and reminded us that the power of the government comes from the people, not big business or the "good old boy" politicians. She has actually gotten the natural gas line to move forward. This is bigger than it sounds, it is going to be the largest privately funded contruction project in history and supply a LOT of natural gas to the rest of the country, not to mention the economic boom for Alaska.

Before she became Govenor she was known for turning in the Republican Party of Alaska Chairman on an ethics charge of lobbying while he was on the state payroll. After she got in office, she balanced the state budget, and actually ended up with a large surplus. She has also been much more available and visible to the state overall than any other Govenor. Most of them hide out down in Juneau, the Capitol, which by the way has no roads to the rest of the state and is a 700 mile flight from Anchorage.

I was around in Wasilla when she was Mayor. To be honest, it was almost transparent to me because I hardly noticed. Everything just worked. The police were good, garbage collection, snow removal (a big problem sometimes), it all just hummed along. The only real complaint from that time was that Wasilla was growing too much, getting crowded. We like that small town feel. We literally had 20% growth per year during her time as Mayor. If I remember correctly the Mat-Su Valley grows about 5% each year. We now have all the big box stores, new restaurants, roads are 2 lanes with a couple of stop lights to 4 lanes with too many lights.

There have been some criticisms of her from locals, their motives have been questioned. What are your thoughts? As for criticisms from locals that made it on the Internet -- some of them are not only false, but obviously not written by anyone who lives in Wasilla, or even Alaska. A couple are locals, one of the first, by Anne Kilkenny, is her opinion. I worked with her during a PTA project years ago. She sort of stands out for her strong Democratic Party support from what I have seen. She has also totally flip-flopped from her complaints about Sales Tax vs. Property Taxes. My husband pulled up the minutes of a Borough Assembly Meeting where Anne Kilkenny was the sole voice *advocating* a borough-wide sales Tax. As for her and the way she acts in person, let's just say she wants to be the Chief not the Indian.

What do you think about the media coverage of Governor Palin and her family?
Well, I think most of it is disgusting, but I expected nothing less when everyone thinks the Internet and media contain nothing but the truth (or at least the truth they want to hear). Most of the smears are unfair and sexist, but I think that the far-left liberals are in a panic because Gov. Palin is walking proof that many of their ideas are not what most of the Country believes in.

We started having investigators all over Wasilla within 24 hours of the announcement. I saw a denial on T.V., saying "they would stand out in a small town in Wasilla," Well...that is true, they ARE standing out like sore thumbs. It would be like me describing life in New York. I've read about it, but I could not write a story that a New Yorker would agree with or wouldn't spot instantly.

What would you say to undecided voters about the McCain-Palin ticket? The only thing I can begin to say is think, do your research but do these things as responsible Americans. Look at both sides, read between the lines. Watch them, read about them and constantly check yourself at the door. Make sure it isn't one single factor that has your vote. Make sure it is real life that gets your vote. Talk - do not yell. Help people understand your side, but understand their side as well. All of this back-biting and yelling is not the way to do things. Especially in America. Come on people, wake up!!

Wake up with a brand new day, take a deep breath, let it all out and start fresh on your new day perspective. Watch and listen to both sides of the line and listen to those in the middle. It seems like we spend so much time fighting against each other about everything we forget who we are and where we have come from. Let us not forget, let us all work together as one!

Friday, September 19, 2008

ACTION Alert: Online phone bank!

I am delighted to announce that the McCain campaign now has "Voter 2 Voter" phone lists available online. This means you can make a couple of calls while the kids nap, while your dinner simmers, on your lunch hour at work. This is inexpensive, easy advertising, be sincere and friendly and remember phones don't bite. :)

* * *

My Friends,

Election Day may be weeks away, but there are a number of grassroots activities you can do right now to help elect John McCain and Sarah Palin on November 4th. The work we're doing now will lay the groundwork for victory in November.

You can get started in your volunteer efforts for McCain-Palin 2008 by making phone calls through our online phone bank any time. Please follow this link to start making calls.

Reaching out to undecided voters in your state is vital to spreading the word that John McCain and Governor Palin are the right choice for voters all across America. That's why I'm asking you to take a few minutes or even a free evening to make calls for John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

Thanks for your time and support.

Sincerely, The McCain-Palin Team

P.S. I hope you'll join the growing grassroots movement of supporters for the McCain-Palin ticket today by volunteering to make calls through our online phone bank. Through this tool, you can make calls to undecided voters in your state and share why you support John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin for president and vice president. Please follow this link today to get started.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Moms are the New Media

Sean Hannity commented recently that 2008 will be remembered as "the year journalism died." Being a glass-half-full kind of person, I shrugged this off. But as I thought back over the past year, the bloody primaries, the ignored facts, and the PDS pandemic (Palin Derangement Syndrome), I realized the slow death of one-way journalism wasn't entirely a bad thing. As regular people turn away from the arbitrary circus that is news today, regular people are getting their news from - gasp - regular people.

I started Moms4McCain because I had found good McCain blogs and tons of Mommy blogs, but nothing really married the two. "Regular Moms", whether security Moms, soccer Moms, or the demographic-du-jour hockey Moms, are a highly-coveted voting bloc who have eluded both parties in recent elections. So with 130 HD channels, high speed internet, thousands of newspapers and magazines available, why isn't there any information targeted to us?

Simply put, Americans have changed, but the American media has not. We're more likely to hear about the news that affects US from a friend than from a newspaper which occasionally presents facts, but doesn't present the context or the real impact of that information. A Mom who uses a breastpump and a Blackberry simultaneously is not interested in a 30-minute Dr. Sanjay Gupta special on John McCain's mole (and yes, this was an actual show). "Wal-Mart Moms" are discussed in the New York Times as a 19th-century explorer would describe an exotic jungle species, only now discovered in the depths of the rainforest. I could rant about why they are biased, sexist, incompetent, but folks, that has been done. I don't want to perpetuate the cycle of reporters analyzing reporters, that's not the real issue. Simply put: They. Just. Don't. Get. It.

Please take a few minutes to visit other Center-Right Moms, celebrating the selection of Governor Palin, reaching out across party lines, defending our freedom, and proving ourselves smarter than the rest of the media.

The Moms on the Right have found the blogosphere, and we are here to stay.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New McCain Video Ad: "Foundation"

I really like the approach of a direct, sincere John McCain talking directly to the voters. The latest ad from the campaign:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mom on the Spot: Ohio Rally

A comment on one of my Mom forums inspired me to get off my butt and go make some phone calls to get out the vote for McCain-Palin. I hope it encourages you to TAKE ACTION for McCain and Palin. This Mom from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio writes:

"I just picked up my tickets [for the Vienna, Ohio rally] and will be heading over to my parents after picking up my son from school...I am so excited!!

I work full time nites.. and have been making the time to get involved with this election. I went on the McCain website and it will allow me to see all events in my area. So far I have attended a very moving and inspiring Veterans for McCain event
in Canton, Ohio. 2 POW's who served with McCain were there and the female who spoke at the Republican Convention on Tuesday.

I then called the Summit County Victory Center to ask what I can do do help - and so far each day this past weekend I have gotten on the phones to conduct surveys. I have met many wonderful people, both men and women, and all ages. I went on
Saturday morning and a group of college students spent the morning and afternoon
making calls. I decided I don't want to be a Democrat like Obama and just talk about change.. but rather create change and better my country. I don't do anything awe-inspiring ..but I feel that ANYTHING can and will help. Not much longer til 11/4 so.... what can you do??

Please take action today and share your activities in comments.

Action Item of the Day: Don't forget to ask *everyone* - especially people who have recently moved, changed their name or their party affiliation - are you registered to vote?


Friday, September 12, 2008

Breaking video: Gibson inteviews Sarah Palin

ABC's Charlie Gibson interviewed Governor Sarah Palin here in Seattle (!) today, here are some preliminary clips. The entire interview will be broadcast on Friday on ABC's 20/20.

Video Part I (hat tip to Ahwatukee Musings):

Video Part II:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Remember

As the voice of Moms for McCain, I will have many thoughts on Governor Palin, her lipstick, sexism in the media, and the other topics every other blog seems to be talking about at the moment.

But today is not a day for such things.

Today we remember the deliberate, senseless attacks on our country and our way of life.
I lost a college classmate and friend on Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles. He was 24. I won’t say he was my greatest friend in the universe – he wasn’t (I was a geek, he traveled in much more fashionable social circles). But his presence is felt at every alumni gathering (and we Tigers have many). Chris was an honor student, a rugby player, a loud neighbor, a brother, a friend. He was exactly the type of guy who, if he’s been on a later flight with fuller knowledge of what the hijackers intended, would have given his own life to foil them in a heartbeat.

I also suffered a deeply personal loss on that day, which I won’t regurgitate here. I will merely say that, like many Americans, September 11 caused not just an abstract reassessment of my priorities, but some immediate, and in some cases, drastic changes in the way I lived my day to day life.

Defending our country and our way of life should not be a partisan issue. Crazy terrorists don’t distinguish between liberals and conservatives, they hate us all. But out of that sad and dark day came a renewed sense of gratitude for the blessings of liberty, and a stronger sense of purpose for all Americans who defend our way of life.

I encourage you to take a moment today to thank someone who has made this country stronger and safer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Video: Obama Lipstick Comments

I've heard the argument that "lipstick on a pig" is just an expression. But for a man who threatened to 'fire' a delegate for calling rambunctious kids "little monkeys," Barack Obama should know better. Please vote in the poll (top right) and share your thoughts.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Have You Registered a Voter Today?

Of 100 random people you know, 50 or more of them didn't bother to vote in the last election, and as many as 20 or 30 may not even be properly registered. Don't assume your friends, neighbors, classmates, relatives, babysitters, deli counter lady, barista, hairstylist are all registered to vote - ASK! Even if they are not decidedly for McCain, it is important that they have a chance to participate in the process.

Registration deadlines are happening *already* - see state-by-state detailed instructions for registering are here. Voters can also register through www.johnmccain.com.

Some people who might not be registered:
  • College students or recent graduates
  • Young adults who have turned 18 since the last major election
  • People who have recently moved
  • People who have recently changed their name (new brides??)
  • People who recently became citizens
  • People who are living out of state ('snowbirds')
  • People who you've never heard discussing politics
  • Military families in the U.S. and abroad
  • Grandparents now living with family or in retirement housing

Most states allow any voter to register 'absentee' so you can vote from home, at your convenience. Some people who might want to consider registering absentee:

  • Expectant Moms due this fall
  • Seniors or those with health concerns that might make a long poll wait unsafe
  • People who don't drive (or whose family only has one vehicle)
  • Moms who have no childcare for little ones
  • People in rural areas who live far from polling places
  • People in areas affected by inclement weather (snowy Novembers)
  • People who travel on business
  • People whose work involves emergencies and last-minute schedule changes
  • People who are forgetful

I want to challenge everyone reading this blog to forward this link to your address book and ask 10 people a day: are you registered to vote? If you have registration ideas or success to share, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Moms Report: McCain Palin Rallies!

Rachel, a Mom of 2 from Livonia, Michigan, is a true blue (red?!) McCainiac who has been determined to see our next President Up Close & Personal. She finally got her wish at last week's McCain-Palin rally in Michigan. Thanks Rachel for sharing your experience!


My family went to the McCain rally here in Michigan yesterday. It was so inspiring to be with so many vocal, like-minded people! John, Cindy, and Sarah were all there. Indulge me for a minute, okay?

The place really went berserk when Governor Palin spoke! Her speech was basically a combination of her acceptance speech in Dayton and the speech at the convention. Although she did mention that her son spent his senior year (I think) of high school here playing hockey in the Kalamazoo area and she thanked the people of Michigan for taking care of her son and promised to do the same for us when she got to Washington. As I'm typing that it sounds kinda liberal - I'll take care of you - but yesterday it really just came across as a cool lady connecting with her audience.

McCain definitely did a better job yesterday than at the convention - alot of the speech was taken from Thursday's speech - but you could tell he was more comfortable. He also was great when he seemed to go off script to mention the tough times here in Michigan and to highlight the problems with Obama. When the crowd started the "drill baby, drill" chant he said that he didn't know who came up with that one, but he thought it was brilliant! He also said at the end (paraphrasing here) that it was 'time for straight talk...I need to win Michigan in November. You gotta get out the vote for us.'

My daughter was completely thrilled to have been there, and wore her McCain button (she wanted to buy one with him and Cindy on it because "she's so pretty") to our Sunday School teacher's meeting at church this morning! The whole evening was very energizing. Michigan is going to be tougher to swing than usual this election IMO, so I'm hoping people will buy into his change before Obama's. Hopefully the Democratic mess of the Detroit mayor's resignation and the city council investigation and the fact that our Dem governor has had to get involved with this negative press will help the McCain/Palin ticket.

Lastly.....the best home made sign of the night (besides my daughter's: 1st Graders for McCain) was - Read My Lipstick!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin Radio Address

Saw this on the McCain08HQ Yahoo group - thanks! Audio is available here.


Good morning, this is Sarah Palin -- the governor of Alaska and candidate for vice president. When Senator John McCain asked me to join the ticket last week, he placed a lot of confidence in me, and I'm going to do my level best to be worthy of it. Senator McCain also asked me to fill in for him today in his weekly radio address -- he's putting me right to work.

In my speech to the convention last Wednesday, I wanted to share some basic convictions, and also to tell you a little about the path that shaped those convictions. I never really set out to be involved in public affairs, much less to run for vice president. My mom and dad both worked at the local elementary school, and my husband Todd and I, we both grew up working with our hands. I was pretty much your average hockey mom, raising kids, and joined the PTA. When I ran for city council of my hometown, and then for mayor, I didn't need focus groups and voter profiles because I knew those voters, and I knew their families, too. I'm not a member of the permanent political establishment, and I have no plans to join.

That was the spirit that brought me to the governor's office, when I took on the old politics as usual in Juneau, when I stood up to the special interests, the lobbyists, big oil companies, and the good-ol' boys network. Sudden and relentless reform never sits well with entrenched interests and power brokers. That's why true reform is so hard to achieve. But with the support of the citizens of Alaska, we shook things up, and in short order we put the government of our state back on the side of the people.

I came to office promising major ethics reform, to end the culture of self-dealing. And today, that ethics reform is the law. I came to office promising to control spending -- by request if possible and by veto if necessary. And today, our state budget is under control. We have a surplus. And I have protected the taxpayers by vetoing wasteful spending: nearly half a billion dollars in vetoes.

Senator McCain also promises to use the power of veto in defense of the public interest -- and as a chief executive, I can assure you it works. In a McCain-Palin administration, we'll pursue a pro-growth agenda focused on creating jobs and reducing the tax burden. And with a maverick in the White House, Republicans are going to reclaim our good name as the party of spending discipline.

Our opponent in this election supports plans to raise taxes on income, payroll, investment income, business income, and altogether would increase the tax burden on the American people by hundreds of billions of dollars. But ask yourself: If you're trying to run a small business, or to keep your job at a plant, or keep a small farm in the family, how are you going to be better off if he adds a massive tax burden to the American economy?

In Alaska, we've also made some serious reforms in energy policy. When oil and gas prices went up dramatically, and filled up the state treasury, I sent a large share of that revenue right back where it belonged -- directly to the people of Alaska. And despite fierce opposition from oil company lobbyists, we broke their monopoly on power and resources. As governor, I insisted on competition and basic fairness to end their control of our state and return it to the people. I fought to bring about the largest private-sector infrastructure project in North American history. And when that deal was struck, we began a nearly $40 billion natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence.

Energy security is one of the great issues in this presidential campaign, and I look forward to debating it. Our opponents keep saying that drilling will not solve all of America's energy problems -- as if we didn't already know that. But the fact that drilling won't solve every problem is no excuse to do nothing at all. Starting in January, in a McCain-Palin administration, we're going to lay more pipelines and build more nuclear plants, create jobs with clean coal, and move forward on solar, wind, geothermal, and other alternative sources. We need American energy resources, brought to you by American ingenuity, and produced by American workers.

John McCain is a man who has always served his country and not just his party, and that's exactly the spirit we need in Washington today. Politics isn't just a game of clashing parties and competing interests. The right reason to enter politics is to challenge the status quo, to serve the common good, and to leave this nation better than we found it. No one expects us to agree on everything. But we are expected to govern with integrity, good will, clear convictions, and a servant's heart. And I pledge to all Americans that I will carry myself in this spirit as Vice President of the United States. Thank you for listening.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin RNC Speech Video

I watched this amazing speech with a packed house of volunteers tonight and it was truly inspiring! Whatever your political stripes, this day and this woman will be remembered for years to come.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain ad: Palin has more experience than Obama

McCain campaign's latest ad, using a variety of sources including some left-leaning ones, to showcase the Accomplishment Gap between Palin, who's running for the #2 slot, and Obama, who would take over on Day One.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moms4McCain on Political Pistachio: CALL IN!

Hi ladies, while you're folding laundry tonight, after you watch Sarah Palin's historic acceptance of the GOP nomination for Vice President, give a listen and **call in** with your questions!

Political Pistachio blog: www.politicalpistachio.com
Political Pistachio radio link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stations/HeadingRight/politicalpistachio

Call in at (646) 652-2940 at 10pm Eastern Time. Look forward to chatting with you!

Monday, September 1, 2008

GOP Convention Changed Due to Hurricane

From www.gopconvention2008.com:

Rick Davis, campaign manager for John McCain 2008, announced that the upcoming
Republican National Nominating Convention is making serious revisions to the
convention program and surrounding activities. Davis said, "We are deeply concerned about the safety and welfare of the residents of the Gulf State
region. Our top priority is to assist those who will be affected by Hurricane Gustav. This is not a time for politics or celebration; it is a time for us to come together as Americans and assist the residents of the Gulf States."

Also announced today were transportation arrangements for delegates from states affected by Hurricane Gustav. The McCain 2008 campaign has chartered a DC-9 that will transport delegates that wish to return to home to their states. The DC-9 will leave Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport today and will fly to Jackson, Mississippi. All transportation costs will be covered by the McCain 2008 campaign.

** I urge everyone reading this -- yes trolls, even you -- to click here to see how to offer help to the areas affected. **


Note: this week I will be more "Mom" than "For McCain" as I send my son to kindergarten for the first time - a bittersweet, long-awaited day. Stay updated with my friends at McCain Victory 08 and the Let's Get This Right grassroots movement, who have coordinated an unprecedented blogger presence at the convention.