Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Video: Obama Lipstick Comments

I've heard the argument that "lipstick on a pig" is just an expression. But for a man who threatened to 'fire' a delegate for calling rambunctious kids "little monkeys," Barack Obama should know better. Please vote in the poll (top right) and share your thoughts.


Patrick Roberts said...

McCain has become quite the politician since he got his party's nomination... his administration's fixation on every little thing like this no longer surprises me

AmandaT said...

I saw an interesting commentary by Dennis Miller about this situation. He said that Palin has gotten "deep inside Obama's head." And I think I agree with this for the most part. Obama is an intelligent man, and a gifted orator. He does not fumble with his words often, and his statements are well crafted. So to say he chose those words, but didn't mean anything by them - I just don't buy it. I think that Palin has shaken up the whole scene, and Obama and his camp are scrambling. He blurted it out, and the audience reacted as though it was an inside joke. While it was a slam st Palin, nonetheless, I believe it would be best for her to come out and say, "I don't think he meant it, let's drop the subject and get back on the issues," and then start bringing Obama/Biden's weak points back into the spotlight.

bloggerson said...

I have respected McCain for many years. When I saw the lipstick ad, I decided he had sold out to the party and its philosophy of winning at all costs. If you watch the whole Obama clip (not the abbreviated one shown on Fox), it's impossible to conclude that he was referring to Sarah. If you try hard enough, you can read anything into any set of words, but to take someone's words and claim they were said in a different context than they were is a lie. The Katie Couric portion of the ad was both a distortion and a copyright violation. It saddens me how our political system can ruin good people.