Tuesday, November 11, 2008

UPDATE: John McCain coming to Georgia Chambliss event

I just received this and thought some of you Southern Belle Mamas might want to check it out!

John McCain is coming to Georgia Thursday to campaign for Saxby Chambliss. It will be at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre at 4:30 pm. Come out an show your support. He needs all the help we can give him. It is very important that we do not lose this senate seat. Anything you can do help in this runoff would be greatly appreciated. Visit his website and volunteer if you have the time!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

And I Am Telling You...I'm NOT Going...

As you can imagine, I've had a lot on my plate this week in my political life AND in my (gasp) real life. But I want to let you all know that I will be blogging and sharing thoughts and resources for Moms in the future. I'm taking a few MUCH needed mental-health days and will be returning next week ready to move forward.

In the meantime, I want to offer a brief pep talk for those who need it (if you're reading this, you probably do.). I'm 31 years old and I've never cared about an election as much as I cared about this one. John McCain is a true hero to America, and to me. But I'm going to live for many, many years. I will live under good Presidents and bad ones. Ones I like and ones I don't like. Ones who do a great job and ones who double my blood pressure medication. The world goes on turning, and the sun will rise tomorrow. (Unless, like me, you're in Seattle, where the current weather suggests I should be building an ark.)

It is important and necessary to grieve. We had an outstanding candidate, and he lost. That stinks. We will experience all the stages of loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. It is okay and healthy to go through that.

But as I have said a million times before, ACTION is the antidote. As McCain himself said, if you find fault with your country, make it a better one. My goal in months and months of work on the blog and forums and groups has been to create resources so anyone who wants to do something positive and constructive has the opportunity, no matter where you live, what your lifestyle is, what your financial status is.

We conservative-moderates are not 'suddenly' a minority voice, we have always been a minority voice in a world where 90% of the media are human beings who share different ideals. The difference is now we are a minority voice with fewer advocates on the front lines. That simply means more of us "regular people" - yes, Joe the Plumbers - have to put down the plunger and take up the cause of liberty. It means we have to shout instead of whispering. It means we have to do our homework and have facts to make our case (because, yes, some people actually are interested in those). It means we have to unite and help each other, share resources and ideas, unite behind basic principles and stop 'sweating the small stuff.'

I will return next week with some exciting NEW resources for all of you, and I want to sincerely thank the many wonderful readers and friends who continue to encourage me. In the meantime, please visit Let's Get This Right, a social networking mecca for conservatives and home to lots of great links and resources.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

With a Little Help From My Friends

In just over 7 months, what started as a rookie housewife on her couch has grown to a national movement that has reached nearly 20,000 people all around the world. It would not have been possible to do so much in so little time without a LOT of help.


My dear husband, independent 'mushy middle' voter, booed while holding my McCain signs for me at the fair, you endured profuse typing, sub-par frozen dinners and unwashed laundry.

My mother, a longtime Republican who got dozens of calls consisting of: "can you give my kids a bath while I talk to a reporter?" and always came through with a smile. My son, who during this election grew into a little man and an elementary student. My daughter, who was a baby when I started and is now every bit a two-year-old, thank you for delighting an entire room full of volunteers and our Congressman Dave Reichert by pointing to the cardboard cutout and saying "Look! John MCCAIN!!"

Linda, a fellow "stealth Republican" who didn't think I was crazy when I mentioned I was considering a blog project, and encouraged me to give it a try. And Lynne, who had never met me but let me invite 10 friends and a news crew to her house - with two hours' notice (really).

Brad Marston and Sheridan Folger, without whom John McCain would not have been the nominee. Period.

Michael Schuyler who didn't laugh at me when I couldn't figure out how to change my background color, and did an excellent job corraling the huddled masses of McCainiacs.

Steve Maloney, whose effusive praise and strategic ideas helped me think bigger and connected me with many useful and inspiring people.

The campaign staffers who graciously created a headquarters that didn't exist using a banner they didn't have and phonebank volunteers who hadn't been recruited on non-working phones and borrowed signs and buttons. The Reichert and GOP staffers who interrupted their work for an hour while we borrowed the backs of their heads.

The many wonderful Moms who guest-posted, shared their experiences, and left comments.

The Moms who got involved, stepped up and went outside their comfort zone. The SIGN MOMS, the question-askers, the pep-talkers and talkees, the phonebankers and doorbellers and armchair analysts and marketers and unofficial pollsters.

For the Palin bloggers, especially Adam and Paul, who reminded us that Moms ARE the GOP's future - figuratively, and literally.

Anne Franklin and the Clintons4McCain and PUMA team, for rolling up their sleeves and showing what amazing things can be accomplished when people support not just what is popular or convenient, but what is right.

CafeMom friends, for humoring me when I admitted I liked McCain. For the undecided Moms who gave me a chance to make my case. For the board admins who didn't kick off a McCain supporter back when we were pariahs. For the "nose holders," the gung-ho McCainiacs, the nail-biters and the cheerleaders, I appreciate you.

The Obama Thugs, paid and unpaid, who orchestrated a "freeze" on every pro-McCain or anti-Obama blog on Blogger, thank you for reminding me how important my freedom of speech really is, and how much this project truly means to me. And to the commenters who taught me to have a thicker skin and reminded me to pray for those who truly need it.

The respectful non-McCain supporters who shared their opinions like grownups and encouraged a young Mom who was usually in over her head to keep swimming.

This has been a life-changing experience, I will never think of my country, my government, the media, or my fellow citizens in quite the same way.

It is absolutely positively possible to make a difference. But only if YOU decide that it is. Nothing happens if you decide to do nothing.

John McCain: Make History Today

From John McCain (emphasis mine):

My Friends,

From the time I entered the Naval Academy at age seventeen I have been privileged and honored to serve my country.

Throughout my years of service, I've been faced with challenges where I could have taken the easy way out and given up. But I'm an American and I never give up. Instead, I choose to show courage and stand up and fight for the country I love. Today, I am asking you to stand with me and to fight for our country's future.

Our country faces enormous challenges and our next president must be ready to lead on day one. My lifetime of experience has prepared me to lead our great nation. I'm prepared to bring solutions to our economic challenges, bring our troops home in victory and improve our nation's healthcare system.

Time and time again, my country has saved my life and I owe her more than she has ever owed me. I have chosen to show my gratitude through a life of service to our country and tomorrow, you will have a choice before you.

I humbly ask you to make the choice that will allow me to serve my country a little while longer by casting your vote to elect me as your next President of the United States.

Finally, I ask that you never forget that much has been sacrificed to protect our right to vote. We must never forget those Americans who, with their courage, with their sacrifice, and with their lives, have protected our freedom. It is my great hope that you will exercise your right to vote as an American tomorrow.

I thank you for your kind support, your dedication to our cause, and most importantly I thank you for your vote.

With sincere appreciation,

John McCain

Monday, November 3, 2008

Worth The Fighting For

When people are faced with a challenge, there are two directions we can go. We can backtrack, retreat, weasel out of it, change (or PRETEND to change) how much we care. Or we can swallow hard, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. We can grumble and cower and sigh OR we can stand behind the people who are willing to face the headwinds and keep on going.

Today I have encountered every type of discouraging story possible. The Mom whose disabled son, unable to read a ballot, was "helped" to vote behind her back. The signs that were stolen, the screams out people's window. The people whose lives, homes, well-being was threatened if they didn't vote for Obama. Today I want everyone reading this to STOP and take a breath.

America is an experiment. Other people had tried republics, democracies, it usually ended due to too much wine, too much testosterone, and too much time on their hands. (Hey, if they'd had Xbox, Rome might never have fallen.) But America exists because people got mad. Fed up. PO'ed. Frustrated. Even desperate. We can let this anger and frustration destroy us OR we can use it positively.

If you're mad about the biased media, call a senior in Ohio or Pennsylvania who only gets her current events from the 6pm news, and tell her the other side of the story. If you're mad about ACORN's voter fraud and dirty-dealing, volunteer to be a poll watcher and keep everyone accountable for fairness. If you're worried about socialism, 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, the unborn, the American worker, small business, food on the table, gas prices, terror attacks - DON'T spend your time panicking and worrying and stewing. DO something about it.

I challenge anyone who reads this blog to commit to 20 minutes of your time on phone calling or if you're really chicken (cluck cluck, you know who you are), emailing people you know to tell them that you support John McCain and they should too.

I enjoy blogging, but I don't do it for the enjoyment. I've been flattered to get some attention for doing it, but that's not why I do it. I'll never serve my country in uniform or saving lives or building houses for the poor. I'll serve my country by raising responsible, healthy children and showing them, that I'm willing to stand up for what is right, whether it's popular or not. Are you? Would you give up 20 minutes for a better America? Do I need to remind you of the horrors of the Hanoi Hilton or will you just trust me that relative to what John McCain has given YOU this is not a lot to ask?

I've given you links, ideas, encouragement, news, shortcuts and hopefully even a few laughs. Now I'm asking you for 20 calls. If you value what you've seen and read here, I am setting this as the price of admission. If you believe in John McCain, pick up your phone and carry our candidate across the finish line.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

Election Day Info and Tips: Non-Partisan

NO McCain shirts/hats/buttons at the polls. Bring your ID (and your camera to record fraud). Watch your P's and Q's.

Here are some more excellent non-partisan tips from Yahoo:
  • Check your registration.
  • Double check your polling place, know when it's open.
  • Plan plenty of time to wait.
  • Bring your government-issued ID.
  • Beware of what you wear (i.e. no partisan gear).
  • Beware of dirty tricks (EVERYONE votes November 4.)
  • If something goes wrong, know your rights, ask for help.
In addition, the McCain Campaign has resources to ensure an Honest Election at www.johnmccain.com/honest.

A GREAT way McCain Moms can help this election year is offering to drive seniors or neighbors or others in need to the polls, OR offer to trade babysitting with a friend to ensure you both get to vote. It is well worth an hour of your time to make your voice heard.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Win Undecided Voters With a Question

Here are some "parting thoughts" to share with undecided voters, online, in person, on the phone:

Who do you trust to stand up to people with bad ideas or dishonest motives? Can you name one time Obama has shown courage or stood up for an unpopular idea? Who will deliver on this promise: the man who talks about it, or the man who's done it and has the scars to prove it?

Do you want a far-left Democratic President, Democratic supermajority in Congress, and liberal court who will rubber stamp everything each other does? (Lots about this at Divided We Succeed, interesting site supporting balanced 'divided' government).

Would you hire someone with no training or experience in your field to make life and death decisions for thousands of people and budget choices for billions of dollars? Then wouldn't McCain make a better Commander-in-Chief than Obama?

Do you care about gun rights? No? Well, if you'd ignore the 2nd amendment, the 1st and all the rest aren't far behind.

If you were building your dream home, who would you choose as the architect - the edgy young guy who never built anything to speak of, or the experienced veteran who has built many beautiful homes - even if he works for a firm that's not "in vogue"?

Do you want a man who thinks life and death decisions are "above his paygrade" or a President who's willing to take a stand?

Do you believe that a man who spent over $600 million to have a 50/50 shot at election will really spend your money responsibly?

And last but not least...

Who will make real "change" in government: a guy with a decades-long record of successful reform, or the guy who gives speeches about it?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Q&A with Brenda from Iowa

I've shared Brenda's story here at Moms4McCain, and wanted Brenda to share a little bit more about her family, what happened, and why it matters. Thanks Brenda for taking the time to share your thoughts, and especially for your family's service to our country.

Tell us about yourself. My name is Brenda Lyddon. I moved from Baltimore, MD to Deep River, IA 5 yrs ago. I have a daughter now 13 yrs old and I wanted a safer and better education for her. I also have a 26 yr old disabled son. I knew he would have a better chance of living in a group home that is smaller and safer here in Iowa. I have a 22 yr old son who is in the Army and is currently deployed in Iraq. This is his 2nd tour and it is for 15 months. He believes in what he is doing for he just re-enlisted again last month in Iraq.

Tell us about your involvement in politics. Has this year been any different for you? I really started getting political during the 2004 election. I joined the Poweshiek County Republican Party. I did door-to-door canvassing and a few phone calls. This election I don't think I have slept in the last 2 months. I have gone door-to-door, made phone calls, joined many grassroots websites, blogging and made sure absentee ballots were sent to our military in theater. My 13 yr old daughter helps a lot. She was also elected as the Republican Jr. Caucus Chairperson for our district.

Who do you support in this election and why? I am backing the McCain/Palin ticket this election. There are a lot of important issues, but I have to say my reasons are more personal. First, I believe that my son's and fellow soldiers' lives are better served and safer in the hands of a decorated war hero and fellow blue star mom. John McCain has 2 sons serving at this time and Sarah Palin has a son serving in Iraq. Who better to be our CIC than a man who has worn the uniform and familar with foreign affairs. Also, with a disabled son I have had to fight the education system every step of the way. Sarah Palin will help ease the challenges we parents face everyday.

Tell us about your son and his "voting" experience. My son Kris is 26 yrs old and mentally and physically challenged. He receives SSI and is listed as mentally retarded and cerebral palsy. He lives in a small group home in Grinnell.

I have never registered him to vote because he does not have the mental capacity to chose for himself. The home he has lived in for almost 2 yrs recently registered him to vote. When I found this out I told them I do not want him to vote. Against my wishes, a staff member not only took him to vote, but told him who to vote for and actually voted for him.

I feel he was politicized. It does not matter who he voted for. I take my voting privilege very seriously. My son doesn't have a clue of what a president does. He is easily influenced. I will do everything in my power to get a law enacted so these individuals are never used again for political gain. My son's only concern is watching Texas Ranger and the Price is Right. He needs a guardian just to survive everyday life.

What action can we take to address this? What advice would you give to other families of adults with disabilities? Every family member who has a loved one in one of these homes or a senior facility needs to find out the election rights for disabled individuals in their state. Unfortunately, in my state my son does have the right to vote. I now have to challenge his vote with my county auditor. If I am able to challenge, it then goes to court where a judge determines if my son's vote can be overturned and deems him either competent or incompetent to vote in the future.

So please check on your loved ones and see if they are being used in this election. Our loved ones are supposed to have their everyday survival needs taken care of. Caretakers choosing for them in an election is not what they are paid to do.

Thank you Brenda for sharing your story. I hope justice is served for your son and your family. If you suspect voter fraud of any kind, by any party, against people with disabilities, please contact your local authorities, call 1-866-976-VOTE and/or use these resources to make your report.

UPDATE: Disabled voter fraud happening nationwide

I was so saddened to hear of Brenda's story, but even more saddened to hear additional similar stories this morning. Brenda called in to Darla Shine's Happy Housewives Club radio show this morning (archived show will be up soon, Brenda called in about 40 minutes before the end of the show). She was immediately followed by another caller telling a similar story from a different part of the country. I have received reputable reports from North Carolina of similar fraud, and we've all heard the stories of bussing homeless citizens across state lines for early Ohio voting. We must speak out to protect our most vulnerable - defending their right to vote if they are capable, and ensuring that their wishes are followed out.

This is NOT a partisan issue. This is an ETHICS issue. I urge Obama supporters and campaign to speak out and denounce this, and I urge everyone who votes Tuesday to bring their cameras to record fraud and 'shenanigans.' Also see these voter fraud resources:

www.johnmccain.com/honest, McCain Campaign Hotline: 1-866-976-VOTE

Grassroots voter protection resources (non-partisan)

Obama supporters' fraud against disabled voters

We've all heard stories about shady dealings, coercion, bribery, and flat-out fraud when it comes to this year's election. Sadly, this impacted a fellow McCain Mom this week when her disabled adult son was brought to the polls without her knowledge or consent, where an aide 'took the liberty' of filling out his ballot (which he would not have been able to read). Brenda in Iowa writes:

My son was politicized!! I live in Iowa. I have a disabled 26 yr old son. I have never registered him to vote because 1. He is not mentally capable and 2. He couldn't read a ballot. He lives in a group home with others like him. They the homes staff registered my son to vote. When I found out I told them that he is NOT allowed to vote. I find out today they took him to vote and a home staff member told him who to vote for (Obama) and was actually the person who helped him vote. I am livid. They tell me it is his right and the law. They knew I would probably 'get him' on election day so they took him to vote early. I am shaking so bad right now. The staff used my son and others for political gains.

Folks, this is NOT a partisan issue, this is unethical, immoral, illegal, and just plain wrong. If it had been a McCain supporter cheating for votes I would feel the same way and would demand punitive action. The fact that this young man, given the opportunity to vote as he chose, very well may have chosen McCain, just makes this a more frustrating situation.

If you're the parent of a disabled or 'vulnerable' adult, I urge you to look into the appropriate ways to have them participate in the process, and discuss your preferences and theirs with caregivers. I urge bloggers, website owners, and others to share this story and let everyone know we WILL hold accountable people who exploit volunerable citizens for political gain.

Please report instances of voter fraud or unethical behavior to the McCain Campaign and to your local Secretary of State / Board of Elections (leave a comment if you need help finding resources).

I know Brenda would appreciate your supportive comments too, I should note that she is a longtime McCain supporter and mother of a deployed soldier. Thank you in advance.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin reports that this is happening nationwide and is alarmingly common. Please help get the word out!

John McCain's Radio Address 11-1


* * *

(Audio of McCain's address is here.)

Good morning, this is John McCain, speaking to you just 72 hours before the time for choosing.
Presidential elections have a way of settling on a few great questions as the moment of decision arrives, and this has happened in the closing days of the election of 2008.

We've learned that Barack Obama's economic plan for America to redistribute the wealth of America with higher taxes. It took a working man in Ohio to finally get him to explain his economic plan in plain language. Senator Obama wants to "spread the wealth around." He thinks that your job is to earn wealth, and the government's job is to spread it.

I reject the ideology of redistributing wealth, and I always have. I believe that the only way to pull our economy out of this terrible time of worry and hardship is to spread opportunity. Low taxes reward effort and create jobs. We're going to double the child deduction for working families. We will cut the capital gains tax. And we will cut business taxes to help create jobs, and keep American business in America.

At the same time, I'm going to make government finally live on a budget, just like you do, and I am going to enforce that discipline by the power of veto.

My fellow Americans, we're going to get through this present economic crisis. And we will even come out stronger -- without the corruption and arrogance that have overtaken both Washington and Wall Street. We're going to pull through these hard times -- and do it together, just as our country has done before.

And when that day arrives, we will find awaiting our country all of the same great challenges and dangers that were there all along. At a time when the jobs and financial security of our people seem at risk, it is hard to spare much thought even for the great and abiding concerns of this nation's security, and the security of our friends and allies across the world. But these dangers have not gone away while we turned our attention elsewhere. And the next president will meet no greater test than defending America from these threats.

Victory must still be secured, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Senator Obama opposed removing the dictator in Iraq, and now obstinately opposes the need to defend the young democracy in that country -- even with victory so clearly in sight. He cites as his most courageous moment in public life a speech he gave in 2002 -- against a war resolution on which he had no vote, on a matter of national security for which he bore no responsibility. He hopes you will forget the votes he cast when he actually did have responsibility, his votes to prevent the strategy that is leading to victory, and to deny funding for the troops who are gaining that victory. And now he hopes that in the cloud of crisis at home you will forget the stakes in Iraq -- the disaster and tragedy that would follow if American forces leave in retreat.

With terrorists still plotting new strikes across the world, millions of innocent lives are still at stake, including American lives. Our enemies' violent ambitions must still be prevented -- by American vigilance, by diplomacy and cooperation with our partners, and by force of arms as a last resort. In his four years in the Senate, two of them spent running for president, Barack Obama has displayed some impressive qualities. But the question is whether this is a man who has what it takes to protect America from Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran, and other grave threats in the world. And he has given you no reason to answer in the affirmative.

At the same time, Democrats in Congress have already proposed to cut defense spending by 25 percent. Even with our troops engaged in two wars, and with a force in need of rebuilding, we're getting a glimpse of what one-party rule would look like under Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Apparently it starts with lowering our defenses and raising our taxes.

At least when European nations chose the path of higher taxes and cutting defense, they knew that their security would be guaranteed by America. But if America takes the same path, who will guarantee our security?

We have passed through a difficult time, and more courage will be needed in the years ahead. But there is a direction to events, and the sacrifices of the present have not been in vain.
We will build on our hard-won victories to extend the security of our nation and of every nation that seeks to live in freedom. We will not yield to intimidation, and by our strength we will prevent threats from turning into tragedies. This is America's work in the world, as it always has been in our finest moments. We are called still to spread liberty, to assure justice, to be the makers of peace. And this is the great work I will carry on as your president and commander in chief.

To do all of this, my fellow Americans, I need your help. I need your confidence. And I am asking for your vote.

Thank you for listening

Friday, October 31, 2008

Excellent links for Saturday

Read these links, then GO MAKE YOUR CALLS. Yes, you. On the computer. I see you eating that bowl of your kids' Halloween candy. If you really feel like you can't call strangers, email everyone in your address book and tell them why you're voting for John McCain and they should too. No excuses, ladies!

Awesome one-page comparison of the candidates. From a Catholic group, but useful for people of all faiths, scroll down for professional brochures and is you're pro-life, be sure to check out their links and commentary as well.

Remember when I told you not to panic about polls? Zogby says (surprise, surprise) Mac is BACK!

From the DUH Department: Media really IS "in the tank" for Obama.

The 'Governator' gets McCain Ohio supporters PAHMPED UP! Article here, video below. 12 Minutes but WORTH IT. Fun zingers *and* thought-provoking arguments. And who doesn't love Dah Ack-sent!

New McCain Ad: FREEDOM

John McCain gave a lifetime of service to his country.

I gave a couple of hours a day, 7 days a week, for 7 1/2 months to share my passion for this candidate and to encourage you to do the same.

What will YOU do for a better America?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Orson Scott Card Endorses McCain

Any of you ladies who have undecided husbands or sci-fi lovers in your life, please share this endorsement with them. Card is, pardon the obvious pun, a card-carrying Democrat who recently wrote a piece explaining why the media should, on November 5, write 100 times: 'I Will Not Ignore The Facts. I Will Not Ignore The Facts. I Will Not Ignore The Facts....'

Of all the McCain articles I've read - and there must be thousands - this is among the best. His endorsement of McCain hits several nails on the head.

Why you shouldn't snub McCain because you disliked Bush: "Why, if you thought Bush was inept, would you install as Commander-in-Chief a man whose ignorance of world affairs and military strategy make Bush look like a genius?"

Why McCain's Economic stance is the right one for these times: "McCain is no expert on the economy. But he's proven that he knows how to listen to the people who do understand it. And he thinks that wealth is created by people who work and think and learn and save. Share with the needy? Sure. But prosperity comes from leaving as much money as possible in the productive economy -- not from removing the rewards of achievement."

Why McCain's principles are real, right and sorely needed in The White House: "John McCain is what he seems to be. When he changes his mind or his policies, he admits it. He believes that America is an influence for good in the world. He doesn't follow the party line -- Republicans may hate some of the things he's done, but nobody has ever been able to claim he did them for any reason but his own conscience."

Why McCain's America is a better one: "In McCain's America, you can have confidence that you know the guy in the Oval Office, and he actually pays attention to what you believe in and care about."

Please share this with undecided voters you know!!

Iraqis would Vote McCain

I am glad to see SOMEONE acknowledging the progress our brave troops have made. For those of you who think it's a good idea to put someone with *no military training and experience whatsoever* in charge of thousands of lives and billions of dollars, please think again. Those who have to live it want good leadership: link here.

* * *

For five years Ali and Mohammed have lived alongside US soldiers in their Baghdad neighbourhood near Rasheed Street, a prominent commercial artery running through the heart of the Iraqi capital.

During that time American culture and politics have become familiar to them, and they say that if they could, they would vote for Republican candidate John McCain in next week's US presidential election.

"McCain would be best for Iraq because he would ensure stability," said Ali, 66, an expert on the Sumerian era.

The personal qualities and political platforms of McCain and his Democrat rival Barack Obama are of little import to Ali, however. His focus is on Iraq and its neighbours such as Iran.

"The Iranians believe that if Obama is elected he will not take action against them despite their nuclear ambitions. That worries me," said Ali, sitting on an old bench in Al-Zahawi coffee shop.

Mohammed, also a professor at the university, said he too preferred McCain "because Obama supports a rapid withdrawal of US troops."

"Our army is still too weak and Turkey and Iran are threats. Iran's President (Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad has warned Iran would fill the void left when US troops depart," he said.

"I trust the Republicans more. They're more capable of establishing democracy in the world, especially in Arab countries," said the 33-year-old. "Obama is far too left."

Share Your Experiences: McCain Palin Events

Heather at Moms in the Right shared her experiences at a Palin campaign rally in Loveland, Colorado. Her story noted that getting to know the McCain-Palin supporters is almost as exciting as getting to know the candidates themselves:

There were young and old, male and female, and people from every ethnic group. While we had been waiting in line, some people shared stories about why they were there, and why they were leaning or voting for Sen. McCain. One lady in front of us said she had lived in 25 different countries (for her husband's work), and no matter where she went in the world, everyone always asked her one question, and that was "How can I become an American?"

One young mother in front of us said she had grown up in Saudi Arabia, and having lived in that kind of government, she felt McCain best represented and could preserve the values of America.

Another said she had a roommate in college who was from Sweden. While this person loved their country, he had hated how the government controlled every aspect. She said his father had died of heart disease, while on a waiting list to receive medical care with the government-run health care program in Sweden. She said she did not want America to takes steps closer to socialism.

I'll be posting more rally and event stories this week, if you have a positive story to share, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New McCain Ad: Compare

What's it gonna be, America? Personally, I prefer *money* in my pocket and *manure* spread around....

Meghan McCain on this election

Reading future First Daughter Meghan's McCain Blogette was a key part of my inspiration and determination to reach Moms and women in this election. Her piece today is absolutely one of the best "cases" I've ever heard for John McCain, please pass it on. Thanks!

* * * * * * * *

When I started the Blogette last year, I wanted to show people what happens behind the scenes in a national campaign. I did this because I love my family and I knew that it might surprise people to see how normal this experience can be. I know this has been a difficult campaign for a lot of people. I know there are many who just want to get past the last eight years. And I know there are people who are so desperate for change they will do anything to get what they think is a better deal.

I make no excuses for the state of politics today. But I want everyone to know that my dad is more than ready to be the President this country needs right now. Everyone always assumed Iraq would be this campaign's number one hurdle. The only thing I respect more than people's opinions about how to proceed in Iraq are the men and women who are bravely serving our country in harm's way every single day. My Dad is the only candidate with real military experience who has the support of an overwhelming majority of current service members. And if you really want to know how much I trust him, remember that I have two brothers who are serving, one of whom is about to redeploy. Of course, all of this is easy to miss, because this election is clearly about moving past the current administration and fixing the economy.

If you honestly think someone with extremely limited experience will solve the severe problems we have in this country then, by all means, vote for Senator Obama. If you want to give complete control of our government to the Democrats who have made a real mess of things over the last two years they've controlled Congress, then go ahead and vote for Senator Obama. And, if you really believe that our taxes should be higher and that government should have a bigger role in our lives, vote for Senator Obama.

Some of you have asked me how I can support my Dad or call myself a Republican when times are so tough, especially since my own personal beliefs don't always sync with the GOP. Well, I have asked myself that same question a lot. But I support my Dad through it all because I know this: my Dad will be unlike ANY other Republican president. My father has the experience, leadership skills, and proven dedication to serve. I only wish people could understand that Dad will bring about the change everyone is so hungry for in a much more real way than Senator Obama could ever possibly hope to do at this stage in his political career.

So, forget everything you've heard or seen. Just know this: everyone wants change. And while some people can only talk about it, my dad will bring it. Don't give up on him. He is never going to give up on you. And by you, I mean every American. Regardless of age, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or political ideology; a vote for John McCain is a vote to change our country for the better. Don't hope for a better future. Vote for one.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pro-McCain Posts: On The Issues

These may help as you work with undecided voters this week. Please pass on to everyone you know! I will be posting periodically today and tomorrow....

  1. Healthcare: "Almost Everyone would do better under McCain"
  2. Healthcare and Families: The McCain-Palin Commitment to Children with Special Needs
  3. Military: Young soldier gives McCain his Purple Heart (also see video at Blogs for John McCain)
  4. Economy: CNBC: McCain Demonstrates Uncanny Power to Understand the Need of American Small Business Owners (hat tip to Blogs4McCain)
  5. Economy: Prominent Economists Think McCain's Plan is Best (hat tip to Blogs4McCain)

Resources for Undecideds: Endorsements, Faith

We all know people who are undecided, some who even have the courage to admit that. Since different people need to hear different things to make their decision, here are 20 resources that you may want to share:

10 Endorsements of Note

1. Master LIST of endorsements from Wikipedia

2. Swing state, small town: Findley, Ohio

3. Swing state, big town: Columbus Dispatch

4. Blue state, big city: San Diego

5. Blue state, DEEP blue city: San Francisco (really!)

6. Blue state, DEEPEST blue city: New York Post

7. Red state, red city: San Antonio, Texas

8. Red state, red city: Dallas Morning News

9. Swing state, swing city: Tampa Tribune

10. Swing state, ain't over till it's over: Michigan

10 Resources for People of Faith

11. http://www.catholics4mccain.org/

12. http://www.momsintheright.com/

13. http://www.catholicvote.org/

14. http://www.valuesvoterusa.com/

15. http://www.mccainsjewishcoalition.org/

16. Transcript of Rick Warren Saddleback Church Forum: http://www.rickwarrennews.com/

17. http://evangelicalsformccain.org/

18. Jewish Press endorses McCain: http://www.jewishpress.com/pageroute.do/36711/John_McCain_For_Pres.html

19. http://americansoffaith.johnmccain.com/ Official Site for "Americans of Faith"

20. http://catholics.johnmccain.com/ Official Site for Catholics for McCain (you can request a Voter2Voter PhoneBank list of Catholics to call in swing states)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Join us on www.Teamsarah.org Saturday!

The fine folks at Team Sarah are sponsoring a 1-million-woman Town Hall, via phone, since we can't all drop everything and fly to a strange city - someone has to give the kids their baths, do the laundry, bring home the bacon, and change the world!

Please visit http://www.teamsarah.org for more information on the call...it will be streamed LIVE here from 11 am - 1pm Eastern Time.

And while you're on your phone, take a few minutes and call 20 undecided voters in a swing state! ** You can make a difference! **

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Ad: I Am Joe the Plumber

Does that make me "Joe Mama"? Ha ha, sorry, we all need some comic relief.

This ad makes two great points: people want to keep the money they have earned through hard work, and no American should be intimidated or harassed for asking a fair - and important - question. If our leaders aren't accountable for what they do and honest about what they believe, how can we be the greatest nation in the world?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Media Bias: It's NOT in your head

From the Department Of Stuff We Knew Already comes this study, finally acknowledging that negative stories about McCain outnumbered positive ones by a factor of nearly 3 to 1. So when your friends tell you "I've done my research and I'm voting for Obama!" be sure to point out that, um, their research really only included one side of the story in the first place. This is an opportunity to make your case, fairly and with facts, that McCain may not be a better Media Butt-kisser, but he would be a better President.

More to come...here is one link to the study's findings, and here are my past thoughts on media bias, and why we lowly Moms have put aside the glamour of laundry and soccer-practice carpooling to do what the media refuses to do (you're welcome).

The OTHER Catholic Case for McCain

I rarely discuss faith matters here at Moms4McCain because, quite frankly, it opens a large Pandora's Box of important - but distracting - issues. But as a cradle Catholic with 12 years of Catholic school, the spectre of Catholics as The Great Undecided Demographic is too compelling for me to ignore. If you know undecided Catholic voters, please share this with them.

Catholics of good conscience should vote for John McCain. You've all heard this argument from academics (click this one, please), Moms, bloggers, Bishops nationwide. You know the drill: first I offer an impassioned plea about the sanctity of life and how respect for the unborn reveals a person's true character, and whether they value what is convenient over what is right. Then I point out that one candidate has a strong pro-life voting record, an adopted daughter from a Bangladeshi orphanage, and unanimous endorsements from pro-life leaders. But the other is more extreme than NARAL, voted to refuse care to infants born alive (twice), and has said overturning all abortion statutes through the 'Freedom of Choice Act' is quote "the first thing I will do as President." So why on God's green earth would anyone who chooses to be part of a church which calls abortion intrinsically evil think a vote for Obama is ever okay?

Well, they say, don't we care about other issues too? Frustrated pro-life Catholics here begin pontificating and pointing out the obvious distinction. But this is the wrong strategy. Of course we care about other issues too - and we should. The church is clear that respect for life cannot be fudged, overlooked, de-prioritized or ignored, BUT church teaching and common sense require us all to consider other issues of conscience as well. Unfortunately for "pro-Obama Catholics," while OUR candidate is a clear winner on life issues, their candidate does NOT have a monopoly on social conscience. McCain - in yet another refreshing departure from the Republican stereotype - cares too.

If you've been following his campaign, you know McCain's earliest stumping was in New Orleans, Appalachia, and other truly depressed areas of the country. Before anyone else was paying attention, John McCain was going to the forgotten places and planning and working for the needs of the forgotten people. Some of the key issues raised by Catholics include poverty, housing and homelessness, war and peace, environmental stewardship, the list goes on. To Catholics who really want a "values" reason besides abortion policy to vote McCain, here are a few.

McCain's personal and professional experience make him the best choice to bring about lasting peace. Some Catholics rightly note that our church opposes needless and unjust violence and say they hesitate to support McCain because he would "encourage war." (I've addressed this previously as well.) John McCain knows the costs of war more personally than anyone else who has been involved in this race. Beyond his own heroic sacrifice and service, he has two sons serving on active duty, running mate Palin's son is in Iraq right now. Very simply, it is not in McCain's political or personal best interest to exacerbate or provoke unnecessary military conflict.

Yet Democrats still find it attractive to paint McCain as some sort of demonic warmonger, when in fact, he is the only candidate with any military training or experience whatsoever. Obama claims to be a hero for giving speeches about bringing the troops home, but it is McCain's 'surge' - championed at great political expense - which actually stabilized the region and will speed the troops' return. McCain's commitment to veterans comes from personal, visceral experience, and the vast majority of currently-deployed troops agree he is the best choice. So when we look at the facts rather than the rhetoric, McCain is not only the pro-life choice, he is the pro-peace choice as well.

John McCain is committed to being a good steward of the environment. (And as Mac himself would say, he's got the scars to prove it.) He co-authored a key climate change bill with Democrat-Independent Joe Lieberman, and, like Obama, is committed to a cap-and-trade system of ensuring reduced carbon emissions. I've commented about my firsthand experience seeing McCain discuss this issue with a panel here in Seattle, and I was pleasantly surprised to see why Democrats can no longer claim a blanket 'moral high ground' when it comes to environmental responsibility. See McCain's environmental policy points here.

Perhaps even more importantly, John McCain has proven himself a good steward of American taxpayers' money. He reformed campaign finances (earning more 'scars' from both parties in the process), refused earmarks for a quarter-century while his colleagues (including Obama) took hundreds of Billions. Even though it cost him significant leverage throughout the campaign, McCain honored his commitment to accept public financing limits. Barack Obama broke his commitment to take public financing, even though he himself said doing so might destroy that option for future candidates, and now he is en route to spending over $600 million to run for an office that pays $400,000 a year. If Obama was really interested in helping the less fortunate, wouldn't it be more ethical to accept the fair, adequate alternative and direct his supporters to give the other $500 million to help those in need? Barack Obama has said his experience running the campaign is evidence of his 'executive leadership.' Americans need to look very closely at how he's managed his campaign and ask: how would this person manage MY money?

John McCain has specific, realistic plans to mitigate the risks of an unstable economy for struggling families. John McCain's "HOME" plan provides both short-term assistance to responsible homeowners impacted by volatile markets and unfair practices - but it also addresses the need for long-term reform and accountability to break the cycle. (Give a man a fish, AND teach him to fish, AND punish the stingy fishmongers who hogged all the fish in the first place.) Affordable housing is the linchpin not only of the fancy-pants investing community, but also fulfills a basic Christian need for as many as 400,000 American families who could keep their homes under this plan. And if homeownership is not the right choice, McCain's lower small business taxes would ensure landlords could keep rental properties affordable and properly maintained.

Both candidates' tax policies have varied as recently as this week, but some consistent distinctions show that McCain's strategy will protect the most vulnerable. McCain's lower investment taxes (capital gains, dividends, etc) and temporary freeze on mandatory withdrawals would ensure that seniors and those living on fixed income wouldn't abruptly lose the savings they dutifully stashed away. (Rich investors with wise advisors could take advantage of loopholes; regular people with modest but important savings would be most at risk.)

See the McCain Economic Plan here.

McCain's health care plan has realistic, immediate steps to help Americans most vulnerable under the current system. McCain's health plan provides for long-term reform for a broken Medicare system and protects people with pre-existing conditions, or who live in "less desirable insurance states" (like mine, which currently requires men to buy maternity care. Seriously. And we wonder why it is expensive!) Does McCain's plan promise an instant, priceless panacea for a fundamentally broken, bloated system? No. It offers short-term relief for families, addresses the injustices in the system: inflated cost of care, exclusion for pre-existing conditions, and portability when changing or leaving employers. The most vulnerable are addressed FIRST, rather than attempting an ambitious one-size-fits-all system sure to face resistance from taxpayers, employers, providers, and everyone in between. The goal of healthcare for everyone is an outstanding one, but McCain's plan will do more good, more quickly, to actually help those most in need. See "facts and fiction" of McCain's Health Care Plan here.

This list could go on forever. But since this election won't, and my evening won't, I will invite you to prayerfully consider a vote for John McCain. An informed conscience considers not only what is being promised, but what can actually be delivered. I believe in my head and my heart that McCain, not Obama, is the candidate who can deliver short-term support and long-term freedom for the most vulnerable among us. McCain's record proves he can bring otherwise antagonistic parties to the table, and he will govern in this spirit as well.

For more on Catholic voting, please see resources on Faithful Citizenship. For outstanding reasons to support John McCain, please see www.catholics4mccain.org and the official Catholics for McCain coalition.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Say What You Need To Say

My 6-year-old son loves creative interpretation of song lyrics. One of his current favorites is John Mayer's "Say", whose chorus becomes "Sandwich Ya Need to Save" (say what you need to say). So today, in my son's honor, I shall say what needs to be said.

I've been working with the grassroots McCain movement for months, but I have dutifully kept my personal politics out of my personal life. Where I live (east of Seattle), Republicans are 'scarcer than hens' teeth' and it can be a very lonely existence to be the only person in the Bunko group, the playgroup, the coffeehouse who sees the world the 'Right' way. It's bad enough to come home to an anti-McCain newspaper, Obama info-mercials delaying the World Series (!), and TV news anchors who "get a tingle up their leg" when The One dares to speak. Even the most diehard McCainiacs like yours truly sometimes just need a break.

Usually my much-needed break is provided by my preschool Moms' group, which sponsors fun, free low-key events. Then I made the mistake of checking this month's Mommy Book Club selection: The Audacity of Hope. My initial reaction cannot be printed here (it involved Kool-Aid, pinheads, and some choice words not suitable for a family blog).

Now, in the great scheme of things, this is a minor event. BUT it raised major questions for me. I've been part of this group for almost 5 years, I've been on their board, I've raised thousands of dollars for them. How could the group that was supposed to be my oasis from political negativity turn out to be so lopsided? Why would they alienate any of their members (half? a third? even a couple?) to prove a political point? Would I, or anyone else, find the courage to speak up, and what would be the response if I did? Would I be praised for bringing another viewpoint, or ostracized for daring to speak out? Why didn't any of my "real life" friends have the courage to call me and tell me themselves that my viewpoint wasn't welcome - OR was sorely needed?

Good girl that I am, I took that amalgam of emotions and slept on it. Yesterday morning I sent a succinct, polite email, referencing the group's announcement that "a variety of viewpoints would be welcome." I explained that I couldn't leave my little ones for a 4-hour wine-soaked Obama Lovefest on a Monday night, but anyone who genuinely wanted an alternative viewpoint was welcome to read my blog. Only one person responded, with a surprisingly liberal diatribe about how she didn't like one of McCain's economic advisors and how he would magically take away her health insurance (um, not really). She was civil, but I'll never really think of her in the same way knowing that's how she sees the world.

I knew when I started this blog that I was putting myself out on a limb. I didn't fear the sort of violence and harassment caused by Obama supporters around the country, but I knew I couldn't 'make an omelette without breaking some eggs.' I know plenty of non-McCain supporters who are and will remain my friends, I'm just surprised at which eggs got broken in this process and why. Can't intelligent people disagree without being called stupid or insensitive or irresponsible? Evidently, if you're an Obama supporter, the answer is no.

I share this not to evoke pity or to scare any of you from sharing what you truly believe. Speaking the truth is not always easy or convenient, but it IS important. Give people the facts and let them decide, but equally important, practice what you preach. When it comes to genuinely changing minds, you "gotta put up or shut up."

If you truly believe John McCain is the right choice for President, have the courage to say that. Say it in writing, say it on your answering machine, say it to anyone who will listen - and even some you think won't listen. Don't be obnoxious, be sincere, open the door and you may be surprised who walks through. I can't promise it will feel good right away. Cause frankly, it may not. But the reward when you make a difference is a thousand times worth it. I, for one, am willing to endure a little awkwardness to support a man who can restore accountability and pride in my country. (And really, compared to what McCain has given for his country, a couple of nasty emails is a small price to pay.)

If speaking politically intimidates you (and I'll admit it, it intimidates me), come join a group of like-minded McCain Moms to get real-life ideas and suggestions for how you can make a difference. Email moms4mccain at yahoo dot com and I'll help you gets started. There is still time to change minds, and if you are reading this, John McCain and your country need you now. Most of us will never serve our country under fire, will never give thousands of dollars, will never work in Washington. But we CAN make a difference - if we say what needs to be said.

Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain at Alfred Smith Dinner

I have to say, if (God forbid) McCain isn't our next President, he should go after Jay Leno's job. It is such a relief in such a nasty, negative campaign to see the Senators acting like grownups and just plain having some fun. (Do note McCain's less trivial discussion of the unborn about 8 minutes in.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New RNC Ad: "Chair"

If I could say only one thing to an undecided voter, this is what I would say. The next President is inheriting a lot of challenges, existing ones and ones yet to unfold. We need a President with experience and backbone, and McCain's record shows he clearly has both. I have yet to see a single compelling example of Obama showing either.

Thanks to Blogs4McCain for the video link. (Be sure to see Ed Morrissey's comments at Hot Air as well).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Reaction: Oct 15

As expected, media reactions varied, but McCain definitely came out strong, confident, and showed a stronger command of American families' economic struggles than in the past.

This is an interesting take on the final debate, Time Magazine, hardly a bastion of conservatism, gave McCain higher marks, saying:
Avoided the policy weeds, as usual, but sounded more engaged on his economic program, presenting a clear, thematic argument. He was also good on climate change, trade, taxes, and spending. It was an impressive performance from a politician who is generally more comfortable offering broad statements and displaying his compelling personality, than focusing on detail and nitty-gritty.

More responses forthcoming, the campaign's summary here.

I Think I Give Up

I saw a poll, done of 500 people, and half of them didn't agree with me. So I think I'll give up on John McCain.

I saw a rockstar on TV who doesn't like McCain, so I think I'll give up.

My union told me not to vote for McCain, so I give up.

I was called nasty names when I admitted I support McCain. So, I give up.

I heard some soldiers died in Iraq. So fighting terrorists there and making life safer for Iraqi people? We should give up on that too.

I heard the banks are all failing. So my money's going in a sock under the mattress. I think I'll give up on banks.

I heard the constitution is too loosely interpreted. And heck, those old guys probably had no idea what today's world would be like. So I'm not going to defend to constitution. I give up on that too.

I heard the stock market is down. So now that all my investments are devalued, now is the time for me to sell them all. I give up.

I think politicians are all corrupt losers. We shouldn't fight their wasteful spending and backroom deals, we should just let it continue. I give up.

I heard other countries hate us now. So I give up on trying to do business there, exchange ideas, and share cultures, I give up.

I heard American jobs are going overseas. We'll never be able to keep them here anyway, or retrain our workers to do anything else. I give up.

I heard the ice caps are melting and natural resources are being squandered. I give up on my planet too.

You know, many years ago, I heard an American pilot was captured , arms and legs broken, locked in solitary confinement, and tortured for almost 6 years. We should have given up on him too.

BUT what if we had given up on John McCain then?

Thousands more Americans and Iraqis would have died in the absence of McCain's successful 'surge' strategy. Our safety and security would be at even higher risk.

Special interests would still fund campaigns and none of us would ever know who was involved where, and why. Earmark spending would be at even higher levels, and no one would know about it.

The Democrats, under Pelosi's "leadership" (and I use the term loosely), would have forced through an even worse pork-laden bailout package with special goodies for their favorite puppet groups.

Bipartisan efforts on climate change, immigration, spending, torture, and other key issues would never have been brought to the forefront in the Senate.

And last but not least, four McCain children wouldn't be here. Three, including two current U.S. military servicemen, wouldn't have been conceived, and Bridget McCain, without lifesaving medical care and a loving amily here in the U.S., almost certainly would have died in Bangladesh.

We didn't give up on John McCain when he was invisible, broken, dying, defeated.

Let's not give up on him now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They Bring a Knife, We Bring a Gun?

I really try to focus this blog on McCain's positives rather than Obama's negatives (although there are of course many of both). But I must address an important concern that my Moms have raised: intimidation, harassment, and illegal acts against them because they support McCain. A few examples reported in the media:

In Portland, Oregon this week, a man's McCain sign was set ablaze with homemade firebombs, less than 5 feet from where his injured wife was sleeping. (A similar incident occurred here in Seattle when a senior citizen put up a McCain sign and the infamous 'flaming bag of poo' got out of hand and nearly burned his home to the ground.)

Dozens of McCain supporters were harassed, cursed and intimidated in New York City merely for marching down the street waving signs for their candidate.

The South Carolina GOP suffered several hundred dollars' worth of damage and theft when the York County office was tagged with hate-graffiti claiming 'Republicans Love Slavery.' (Guess Abe Lincoln didn't get that memo.) An Oklahoma City GOP office suffered similar vandalism, and local residents there report theft and damage to private property as a result of visible support for McCain.

Even more alarming, however, are the personal stories McCain Moms are sharing, often reluctantly, with me and with fellow supporters:

A Florida Mom was cursed at with racial epithets and hate speech in front of her young children - because of a bumper sticker, and over $50 in McCain signs were stolen from her suburban neighborhood over the course of weeks.

A Minnesota woman found her minivan dented - intentionally, based on the damage her vehicle sustained - while she was at a McCain-Palin rally.

A Pennsylvania Mom of 2, who is pregnant and on her own much of the work-week due to her husband's business travel, organized a "sign drive" in her neighborhood. She woke up one morning and found that over $100 of McCain signs she purchased and helped neighbors put up had been stolen.

A New Hampshire Grandma spent her entire weekend putting up dozens of McCain signs in New Hampshire. The next morning they were all gone - several hundred dollars out of her pocket.

A Washington woman driving three elderly women on a volunteering trip was loudly flipped off and harassed in traffic by a carload of cursing Obama supporters - due to her bumper sticker. Dozens of Moms told tales of parking their McCain-stickered minivan, only to emerge from the supermarket to find a total stranger had ripped their sticker off.

American voters, and both candidates, deserve better.

After months of encouraging you to go get signs and stickers, why would I share these stories? Well, for starters, I care more about my family's safety - and yours - than the outcome of any election, anywhere, anytime. I can't in good conscience tell you to go out and get McCain signs without asking you to use good judgment about your safety. (And, please, please, report ANY suspicious actions to your local police, for your own protection and that of others.) But I also want to remind you that McCain needs your support both publicly and privately. And the only opinion that truly matters is the one you express privately on November 4 (or on your absentee ballot).

I want to note that there are plenty of ethical, responsible Obama supporters, and, unfortunately, some McCain supporters whose burgeoning 'anger' has gone too far. (Vitriol on our side is even more damaging, since the entire mainstream media is anxious to paint us as extremist loons.) I encourage anyone who thinks these kind of shenanigans are okay to follow our candidate's example and, as my Mom would say, put a lid on it. (If you're mad, use your anger constructively - to help get our guy elected.)

McCain rightfully defended Obama this weekend as a "decent family man." Contrast this with Obama himself, who is on record telling supporters who encounter opposite viewpoints to "get in their faces", and that in this campaign "when they bring a knife, we bring a gun." Folks, this is not a negative ad pointing out someone's voting record or shady associations -- these are words from the candidate's mouth, at public events, where kids and families were present. Undecided voters need to ask themselves which kind of example they want from our next Commander-in-Chief.

Sadly, these intimidation tactics are working. Thousands, perhaps millions, in America, are feeling pressure to vote for Obama, not just because their favorite celebrity said so, and not just because of racial or party lines, but because they may fear for their lives, their job security, and their family's safety if they don't. "Pundits" are throwing fuel on the Fear Fire by floating the possibility of riots if the American people dare NOT to choose The One. This is perhaps the most irresponsible piece of reporting I've seen in this campaign (and no, I do not say that lightly).

Here is what I want to say to undecided voters, since no one else sees a need to. When you are in that booth, you can do what you want. We have 'secret ballot' for a reason in this country, because free speech requires protecting the nutcases and common sense requires protecting ourselves. Have the courage to speak your mind: publicly if you can, privately if you must. Men like John McCain fought and died for that right. Please don't let a few dummies take it away.

Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain or Obama: Column A or Column B

Any Mom knows, if you ask a child "what do you want for dinner?" your kid will refuse to choose and eat anything resembling a real meal. BUT if you ask "Do you want Chicken Nuggets or Spaghetti-O's?" your child gets an actual choice, and you know they're more likely to eat what you serve.

Barring a truly bizarre catastrophe, either John McCain or Barack Obama will be our next President. 100% of media outlets, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents agree on this. Yet many voters, with motives admirable and petty, insist that they can have a meaningful role in the process by withholding their vote from both of these candidates: staying home, or voting for a third-party candidate.

I'm not going to make the (errant) argument that third parties don't have a role in American politics: half of Americans see a role for them, half don't (sound familiar?). But at this point in the process, the ship has sailed. The horse has left the barn. Elvis has left the building.

Everyone in America gets a voice - but it's not "Open Mic Night." It's a multiple-choice test: Column A or Column B. If you withhold your vote over one issue, one vote, one speech, one bugaboo with a candidate, you're not 'sending a message to them.' You're forfeiting the opportunity to send a message. You're walking away from the most important discussion. You're deciding that your disagreements are so significant that you don't care which of them is chosen. You're taking your proverbial marbles and goin' home.

Every voter gets an equal voice in this process. (Assuming, that is, we can prevent the entire Dallas Cowboys squad from voting multiple times in Nevada courtesy of ACORN.)

The question right now, with less than 30 days to go, is not 'who is perfect' but 'which of these two people should run the country?' Which of these people do you want as your Commander-in-Chief? Which of these people do you believe can really work with a bitterly divided government to get anything accomplished? Since we know ONE of them will be chosen, WHICH one do you prefer?

I can't tell you how to vote. But I can tell you what your vote can do, and can't do. It can't end the two-party system in America. (And no, that's not me being a meanie, that's what empirical data in this election tells us.) It CAN put someone in office who you believe can make the tough calls, can act with courage, can take a stand, can restore pride in our country.

America will go in two very different directions under these two candidates. You can choose the direction for this country, or you can idle in the driveway while others take the wheel.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

John McCain's Weekly Radio Address 10-11-08

Download the audio file here: www.johnmccain.com/downloads/101008_wra.mp3

Good morning. This is John McCain, speaking to you at the end of another week filled with troubling news about our economy. On Tuesday, Americans also had a chance to hear my opponent and me debate our very different plans to meet the crisis.

We've had two debates now, with a third coming this Wednesday night. And I can't shake the impression that Barack Obama is trying so hard to exploit America's financial crisis that he hasn't really focused on how to solve it. He keeps talking about the past, too -- although in a very selective way. He leaves out certain details, like the part about how he was taking campaign money from the same executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who were causing America's financial crisis.

At the time, I was the one who called for tighter restrictions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that could have helped prevent this crisis from happening in the first place. Senator Obama was silent on the regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and his Democratic allies in Congress opposed every effort to rein them in. But that doesn't prevent him from talking now as if he'd seen and warned about the coming crisis all along -- like some voice in the wilderness who went unheeded. Far from warning executives from Fannie and Freddie about their reckless conduct, he not only took their money but added them to his team as advisers.

As I said in Tuesday's debate, in this time of crisis we must go to the heart of the problem, and right now that problem is a housing crisis. Under my orders, as President, the Secretary of the Treasury will carry out a Homeownership Resurgence Plan.

It's a simple idea. Take some of the money that Congress has already committed to fixing our financial system and use it to give millions of homeowners a new mortgage and a fresh start. No default. No bankruptcy. No foreclosure. No deteriorating neighborhoods. The United States government will support the refinancing of distressed mortgages for homeowners and replace them with manageable mortgages.

It's critical that we stabilize mortgages, or else the housing market won't stabilize and homeowners across our country face troubles even greater than they face now. The housing market faces distortion by a glut of low-priced, foreclosed homes. And this would lead to a crash in the value of the number one asset of a majority of Americans. With so much on the line, the moment requires that government act -- and as President I intend to act, quickly and decisively.

As we help homeowners to avoid the worst, moreover, we must also act to protect investors -- especially those relying on their investments for retirement. Current rules mandate that investors must begin to sell off their IRAs and 401Ks when they reach 70 and one half. Those rules should be suspended, so that investors aren't forced to sell their stocks at just the time when the market is hurting the most.

The response from Senator Obama to my Homeownership Resurgence Plan was typical of his response to the entire crisis. First, Senator Obama tried to claim that it was really his idea. But if anyone believed that claim, they didn't believe it for long because the very next day Senator Obama and his campaign attacked my plan to stabilize mortgages. He claimed that the cost of the plan would place a burden to taxpayers -- this from the same guy who plans to increase federal spending by 860 billion dollars. In reality, the money will come from funds already committed under the rescue package passed by Congress. The funds aren't new, but the priorities will be when we put the financial strength of our government back on the side of working families.

My fellow Americans, Washington is on the wrong track, and even greater financial troubles lay ahead if we don't act quickly. The tax-and-spend policies of Barack Obama will only make matters worse. But if you give me the chance, I'm going to set it right. You don't have to hope that things will change when you vote for me. You know things will change, because I've been fighting for change in Washington my whole career. I've been fighting for you my whole life. That's what I'm going to do as President of the United States. Fight for you and put the government back on the side of the people.

Thanks for listening.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Moms4McCain in the Seattle P-I

My "home office" (aka dining room table) is featured in today's Seattle paper. Thanks to the team at the P-I for acknowledging - gasp - there are Republicans in Seattle, and all across America, working to get McCain's message out to regular people.

**Washington State Moms! ** Absentee ballots arrive next weekend, NOW is the time to tell your friends why you support John McCain.

Nationwide, as many as one-third of voters are expected to vote early, so let's make sure every undecided voter knows about McCain and why he is the best choice.

Would you give an hour of your time for a better America?

Meet the McCain Moms

Since I launched Moms4McCain in March, I've been privileged to 'meet', in the flesh and online, thousands of amazing women of every age, nationality, faith, party, and belief who support John McCain as the best choice for President. As you talk to undecided voters this week, think about these women and why they support McCain. Could their personal story make the difference in someone else's vote?

Rachel in Michigan and Nancy in Ohio, self-described 'conservatives,' got to attend McCain-Palin rallies in their hometowns. (Rachel put up dozens of McCain signs in her town at her own expense; Nancy works nights full-time and has squeezed in time to volunteer at her local McCain office.)

I interviewed Hillary supporter Randa the day after the DNC's historic decision -- foretelling the PUMA movement before it had an acronym. Key Hillary volunteer Tracy, Mom to three girls in Texas, shared her thoughts on McCain and has since continued to play a key role in pro-McCain grassroots and netroots efforts.

Local Seattle-area business owners Linda and Tammy (both more conservative than I am, neither of whom started out as McCain supporters, I should note) shared their thoughts on how each candidate would impact their housecleaning and hairstyling businesses. Tiffany is a personal chef and caterer in Wasilla, Alaska, who discussed the hometown response to the McCain-Palin ticket.

Military Moms Marissa and Whitney shared their perspectives on the war, the media, and the next Commander-in-Chief.

Baby Boomers Barbara and Andi shared their support for John McCain from a more independent perspective. Leslie, a young single Mom in Florida, shared why she chose McCain as her candidate early in the process.

And not to be outdone, I shared my experiences serving as a King County delegate, meeting McCain, discussing politics at a Seattle girls' school, and volunteering at the local McCain HQ.

What started as me in my living room Googling McCain articles has become a labor of love, and is making a difference all over America. These Moms are the new face of political outreach, they have made a difference in both traditional and unconventional ways. If you are a McCain supporter reading this right now, you can make a difference. Please take action today to ensure proven, courageous leadership for your children. Thank you!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Moms4McCain in the media this weekend!

Please join us Saturday at 5pm Eastern when I'll be the guest on Clintons4McCain's BlogTalkRadio show. I'll be the "Guest Republican" discussing the "home stretch" and strategies for reaching undecided voters. With as many as 42% of Hillary voters still not committed to Obama, there is a very real opportunity to reach out to the 18 million voters who were ignored, bullied, and worse by their own party.

PLEASE CALL IN at (347) 633-9273. You can also log on to the site for live chat and info during the show, or if you miss it live, it is posted in the archives shortly after broadcast.

I'll also be featured in an upcoming issue of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, more details once I knwo the publication date for sure (should be Saturday, or possibly next week). Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Q&A with a Military Mom for McCain

Earlier this year, I interviewed Marissa, a military Mom from Virginia, about her perceptions of the election, the media, and the war from a Mom's perspective. This week meet Whitney, a 21-year-old stay-at-home Mom to two little girls, who shares her thoughts for the race.

Tell us about yourself. My name is Whitney and I am from Parkersburg, West Virginia. I am a 21 year old stay at home mommy of two sweet girls.

Tell us about your family. My husband's name is Kris. He is enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. We are the proud parents of Lexi, who is 4, and Molly who is 20 months old.

Why did your husband join the service? My husband joined the Air Force a few months after we got married. He had been in the Air Force JROTC program all through high school and has always had a sense of pride and a commitment to serve in the military.

It was a tough decision for two 18-year-olds to make. We had Lexi when we were in high school so it was a scary thought to up and move away from family and friends and have no one but each other to rely on and to take care of a little one. But deep down we knew the burn for Kris to serve would never go away.

What are some of the sacrifices your family has made/will make during his deployment? This January he will be deploying overseas. We just recieived his orders last week. During the time he is gone he will miss all of our birthdays, Valentine's, Mother's Day and Easter (which is a big deal in our house). We are also Christians and my husband is going to college for Christian Ministries. Unfortunately, when he deploys he will have to leave behind one of the things that comforts him the most - his Bible. Since he will be in the MIddle East, he can not have any type of Christian material. It will be difficult for him to get used to it.

As one whose spouse is in harm's way, what is your opinion on the Iraq war? I believe it is fully neccessary. We both do. We fully understand if the war is not over there, it will be here. We live in a very secure country compared to most people. I think living so far from the violence allows people to become disconnected from the real threat. I never want to come to a point in my life where I take that safety for granted.

We have friends in Iraq right now. They all fully believe in what they are doing too. Living in the military, I get a different perspective than many people. Everyone hears about the men and women who oppose the war and do not want to go back. The part I hear about is the men and women who know what they are doing is right and needed and VOLUNTEER to go back. They are not a small milority either. They are the silent majority. They are the ones who do not boast about where they have been or what they have seen. They simply know in their hearts that what they are doing is better for everyone involved.

I know the military is "neutral," but we keep hearing conflicting reports in the media about sentiment of military families in this election. What is your perspective on the general military sentiment in the Presidential election? Who do you support and why? Our family supports McCain. McCain has been in the military himself so he knows what is invovled and what it is like first hand. Our men and women serving want to know that their Commander in Chief is prepared to lead them into battle. Not only that, but we have job security right now. Under Democrats, the job security is no longer stable. They want a small military and that cuts our jobs. Republicans make us feel wanted and needed. Democrats are known for not giving good raises to the military. It is frustrating to know they will give the military the smallest pay raise possible, but give themselves the best that they can. This is the general consensus in our ring of friends. We can not put out yard signs and such when you live on base, so we go by word of mouth .

What issues besides military issues are most important to you? Social issues are a must. When we are away from family and friends we realize how much family means. It is what holds us together. Keeping those values strong is absolutely neccessary. I would never want a leader who thought that our children could even be viewed as "being punishment". They are NEVER that, and I never would want my children to hear something like that.

What do you think of Governor Sarah Palin? I think she is a great role model for so many girls ranging in so many ages. A woman in her 40's can see how well she handles being a new mommy and a career later in life. Someone in their 20's can see how poised and confident she is. Teens and younger can see how she stands up for what she believes in and is a very loving mother. I am so glad to see someone who is strong in their moral beliefs no matter what the opposition is.

What would you say to military families who are undecided about who to vote for? They need to take into consideration what is best for everyone, not just special groups. They need to choose someone who has never been questioned if they are patriotic or not. They need to choose someone they would like to lead their husbands into battle. Someone who truly appreciates what our families are doing and going through. And someone who knows what war is and not just seen on T.V and short little trips just to come home and call it all a failure. Democrats have always said they are "for" the working class, but I have never seen a case where they are "for" the working military.

Thank you Whitney for sharing your perspective!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From McCainVictory08: What Bloggers Are Saying

My friends and blog mentors at McCainVictory08 kindly supplied a succinct list of responses to the debate tonight. Spinners are still spinning and I'll have more tomorrow...

In the meantime, this is a GREAT opportunity to call undecided voters, write letters to the editor, and take action to put proven leadership in the White House!

Dear Undecided Voters, What do you care about?

Dear Undecided Voters,

You are the 10-15% of Americans who say you haven't truly decided who would make a better President, McCain or Obama. There is an easy way to resolve this dilemma in one question. What do you really care about?

If you care about the price of gas, you are choosing between a man who supports job-creating alternative energy plus domestic drilling, clean coal, and clean nuclear energy, OR a man who only supports the politically-correct options.

If you care about your savings, you are choosing between a man who supports keeping investment taxes low, OR a man who supports the death tax, dividend tax, and increasing the capital gains tax to anywhere from 20-28%.

If you care about your ability to get credit, you are choosing between a man who advocated for a responsible policy years before the "crisis", OR a man who advocated for loopholes and social pressure to make loans that made no good business sense.

If you care about the security of your job, you are choosing between a man who co-sponsored the 'Family Friendly Workplace Act' and has a plan to reduce taxes and burdens on small business owners, OR a man whose tax policies would hurt farmers and small business owners at the time they can least afford it.

If you care about ending silly fighting between political parties, you are choosing between a man who has a strong record of bipartisan success on key issues, OR a man who voted with his party 96% of the time.

If you care about politicians playing fair, you are choosing between a man who bucked his own party to reform campaign financing, OR a man who pledged numerous times to take public financing for his campaign, and reneged on his promise as soon as it was financially convenient.

If you care about how government spends your money, you are choosing between a man who refused to sneak ANY 'pet project' earmark spending onto bills in 26 years, OR a man who snuck in $80 million last year alone.

If you care about health care, you are choosing between a man who wants the federal government to help you pay for the care of your choice, OR a man who thinks the government can do a better job managing your care.

If you care about bringing our troops home with prudence and victory, you are choosing between a Commander-in-Chief candidate with decades of military training and experience, OR a candidate with none.

If you care about the Constitution, you are choosing a man whose court would uphold its principles, OR a man who believes 9 non-elected judges should re-interpret whatever they deem necessary.

I can't tell you what you should care about, and I can't tell you how to vote. But I can tell you that America will "change" in a very different way under each of these men. You have an opportunity - and a responsibility - to decide what you really care about, and what America should really care about under the next administration.

I support John McCain because I care about proven, principled leadership for my country, and I believe he is the man who can deliver change - in the right direction. I invite you to join us as we fight for the America we care about.