Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dear Undecided Voters, What do you care about?

Dear Undecided Voters,

You are the 10-15% of Americans who say you haven't truly decided who would make a better President, McCain or Obama. There is an easy way to resolve this dilemma in one question. What do you really care about?

If you care about the price of gas, you are choosing between a man who supports job-creating alternative energy plus domestic drilling, clean coal, and clean nuclear energy, OR a man who only supports the politically-correct options.

If you care about your savings, you are choosing between a man who supports keeping investment taxes low, OR a man who supports the death tax, dividend tax, and increasing the capital gains tax to anywhere from 20-28%.

If you care about your ability to get credit, you are choosing between a man who advocated for a responsible policy years before the "crisis", OR a man who advocated for loopholes and social pressure to make loans that made no good business sense.

If you care about the security of your job, you are choosing between a man who co-sponsored the 'Family Friendly Workplace Act' and has a plan to reduce taxes and burdens on small business owners, OR a man whose tax policies would hurt farmers and small business owners at the time they can least afford it.

If you care about ending silly fighting between political parties, you are choosing between a man who has a strong record of bipartisan success on key issues, OR a man who voted with his party 96% of the time.

If you care about politicians playing fair, you are choosing between a man who bucked his own party to reform campaign financing, OR a man who pledged numerous times to take public financing for his campaign, and reneged on his promise as soon as it was financially convenient.

If you care about how government spends your money, you are choosing between a man who refused to sneak ANY 'pet project' earmark spending onto bills in 26 years, OR a man who snuck in $80 million last year alone.

If you care about health care, you are choosing between a man who wants the federal government to help you pay for the care of your choice, OR a man who thinks the government can do a better job managing your care.

If you care about bringing our troops home with prudence and victory, you are choosing between a Commander-in-Chief candidate with decades of military training and experience, OR a candidate with none.

If you care about the Constitution, you are choosing a man whose court would uphold its principles, OR a man who believes 9 non-elected judges should re-interpret whatever they deem necessary.

I can't tell you what you should care about, and I can't tell you how to vote. But I can tell you that America will "change" in a very different way under each of these men. You have an opportunity - and a responsibility - to decide what you really care about, and what America should really care about under the next administration.

I support John McCain because I care about proven, principled leadership for my country, and I believe he is the man who can deliver change - in the right direction. I invite you to join us as we fight for the America we care about.


A Mom for McCain said...

Great article,J! Put this on your journal at Cafemoms! :)

AMANDA said...

Great points, I encourage the undecided voters to research and see that McCain is the man to vote for.

Rosiereds said...

Excellent post, tigrefan! Can you get a copy of this to Tom Brokaw before the debate starts tonight????

Namaste0721 said...

Well, it's certainly clear what you care about: offering details for the candidate you support and noise pollution talking points for the one you don't. You are even so biased as to only include links for the candidate you do support. What a shocker. That makes it very convenient for you, because since much of what you wrote is a lie and the rest is skewered truth, by not providing links you are protecting yourself from readers investigating your nonsense and realizing what the truth is. So lets examine just a few of these ridiculous claims:

1. This obsession with drilling is unbelievable. Its effects on the economy will only be marginal, will take ten years to manifest, and in the meanwhile will be wrecking the eco-system. And between the two, only Obama has come up with a plan - an ACTUAL plan complete with proposals with ACTUAL dollar amounts and ACTUAL goals and objectives that move beyond the tired rhetoric spouted for 8 years with no follow through - to move to environmentally friendly energies that will remove us from the influence of the Middle East.

2. You're not serious with that comment about John McCain "ending silly fighting between political parties", right? I mean, I know you're not referring to the Senator whose last line of defense has been to call his opponent a terrorist by attempting to associate him with a man that he was acquaintanced with 26 years ago? I'm sure you're not referring to the desperate man who mangled the interpretation of a bill designed to protect 4-5 year olds from sexual molestation into a bill that advocated sex education for these young ones, right? Yeah, you must be thinking of another John McCain when you say that HE'S the one to end partisan fighting.

3. Obama is not proposing the government manages your health care. Anybody who has actually bothered to read Obama's proposal and stops listening to hacking pundits knows that. He's working WITH you to make sure that premiums drop, pre-existing conditions are covered, and so that insurance companies will work WITH you. Nobody is privatizing anything, Obama just wants to see a system of thieves and crooks like insurance companies regulated so that they work for us.

4. Enough about this "legislating from the bench" nonsense. They're not legislating, they're interpreting, and funnily enough conservatives have NO problems when interpretations are conservative, like the recent case dealing with the 2nd Amendment. Conservatives only get up in arms when it's a decision that they don't like, so instead of dealing with it, they make up base accusations and call judges "activists". I hate to tell you folks, but if it weren't for "activist" judges, we would have been sitting quite pretty with segregation, illegal inter-racial marriages, and a whole slew of demolished civil liberties. Be against a judge because he doesn't stand for what you believe in, but don't make up nonsense to suggest that a judge who doesn't agree with you is some sort of unresponsible hack.

Folks, take your heads out of the sand and read Obama's policies on his website. Do some research of your own and don't let ridiculous posts like this where the author only directs you to more information about the candidate of her choice sway you.

Airborne Soldier against Weiner Libs said...

Its a great post. If you'd like to see more about how Obama is bad foe America go to www.demshateamerica.com There is information showing a time line of his terrorist ties.


Jared said...

Your healthcare bit is completely off the wall.

"If you care about health care, you are choosing between a man who wants the federal government to help you pay for the care of your choice, OR a man who thinks the government can do a better job managing your care."

Nevermind the fact that you're completely misrepresenting the Obama plan -- the important thing here is that John McCain's plan will only make matters much, much, much worse.

Here's an indepth, nonpartisan summary of McCain's plan: http://content.healthaffairs.org/cgi/content/full/hlthaff.27.6.w472/DC1

Instead of summarizing the article, I'll propose a hypothetical situation to help you understand what sort of situation millions of Americans (like my mother) are in.

You're a mother, so I'll do this from the perspective of my mother. Let's say your child has a chronic condition -- Arnold Chiari Malformation, as my sister does. Medical bills, before insurance, are around $250,000/yr. Your income is about $50,000/yr. Luckily, you work for a company that provides fantastic group healthcare, so your child is able to get the care they desperately need. Now, let's say John McCain is elected. He passes his healthcare plan and your employer is faced with a choice: axe your group healthcare benefits, or pay much higher taxes in such tough economic times. It's likely they'll choose the former. What do you do now? Your daughter is suffering and you don't have insurance to get her the care she needs. McCain is offering to send a $5,000 check straight to an insurance company to cover a small portion of your expensive nongroup plan, but you can't find any insurance company willing to take you (why should they -- they want profit and know you'll cost $250,000/yr). What do you do? Your only option -- your one and only option -- is to let your child suffer. With health care as a private industry, profits come first, not caring for those who need it.

Millions of Americans are very ill, at no fault of their own, and McCain's plan will do nothing but cause them to suffer.

Insurance companies, however, will be very, very happy. By shifting everyone to nongroup coverage, they'll be able to easily weed out those pesky high-cost sick people. They'll be able to only cover healthy people. Yes, indeed, it would be a glorious day to be a health insurance company executive...