Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate response

A few links for you to peruse, overall I thought Governor Palin did an excellent job making the case that she and Senator McCain will make needed reforms in Washington.

Biden's 10 lies (and counting)...

Interesting 'scorecard' with bullet-point breakdown of their answers

Great headline (and interesting, albeit non-scientific 'man on the couch' response) at RedState

Mainstream media coffin nailed by debate?

Official campaign page with video clips here.

More tomorrow...

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Fula18 said...

This is very sad! Both of these Parties are clearly telling the American People that they will take advantage of their ignorance. Ignorance that the system has created by maintaining the population under educated and preoccupied with a media system that is orchestrated and manipulated by special interest groups that maintain government. They have created a circus to distract and manipulate society. By doing this they profit and accomplish their hidden agendas that are bigger than any of you could imagine. The fact is that this website proves it!