Thursday, October 16, 2008

New RNC Ad: "Chair"

If I could say only one thing to an undecided voter, this is what I would say. The next President is inheriting a lot of challenges, existing ones and ones yet to unfold. We need a President with experience and backbone, and McCain's record shows he clearly has both. I have yet to see a single compelling example of Obama showing either.

Thanks to Blogs4McCain for the video link. (Be sure to see Ed Morrissey's comments at Hot Air as well).

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Jonathan said...

I would like to share with you my story about how my twenty two month old daughter taught me an important lesson about politics and life.

Abby is a beautiful, although very stubborn strong willed little twenty two month old baby girl. She is very independent and loves adventures. Earlier this summer, while away at camp, we came across a flock of ducks. At which time we made the remark, “Oh look at the quack quacks”. Well that was all it took. Now all birds are called quack quacks and nothing else. So blue jays are quack quacks as are owls and any other kinds of winged fowl. No matter how much we try to convince her, birds are still quack quacks, not tweet tweet, cluck clucks or anything else. They are simply quack quacks.

Well, one Sunday afternoon like most Sundays we were visiting my parents after church and Abby was playing in the living room. Suddenly she runs to the large picture window with excitement squealing “quack quack”. We all come out to see a flock of turkeys that had made their way out onto the lawn. There’s Abby standing in the window laughing and quacking away. My mother comes over next to her and in her loving “Nana-ly” way says, “Abby, those are not quack quacks those are gobble gobbles”. To which Abby says in a matter of fact way “quack, quack”. So my sweet mother once again says in a soft Nana voice “no Abby these are gobble gobbles”. At this point my sweet little Abby looks at me and starts to laugh and utters these words through her childish voice “Ha Ha mama nana called quack quacks gobble gobble”. As to say Nana is so silly she doesn’t even know that these birds are quack quack. Now I know this is a funny story but it does not end here. We were visiting the Fryeburg Fair a few weeks ago and we decided to go in Old McDonald’s Farm to show Abby proof that not all birds say quack quack. As we entered all the chickens were crowing and clucking away and Abby looks at them in their cages, then looks back at me and says very strongly “quack quack”, I reply “no Abby these say cluck cluck”. So what does my Abby do, she looks straight at the chicken and says “quack quack” to which the chicken replies “cluck cluck” to which my Abby says “No! say quack quack!” The remainder of the time we visited the chickens every time one would crow or cluck Abby would yell louder “No! say quack quack!” There was no convincing her birds say quack quack and nothing else. The evidence did not matter to Abby. Now I know this is a very funny story for a twenty-two month old baby to refuse the truth about birds simply because she wants them to say quack quack, But the facts are chickens say “cluck cluck” and turkeys say “gobble gobble.”
The sad truth is how many of us are reacting much the same way this election season. We so want to believe in something but the problem is no matter how much we want to believe in Barak Obama the “facts” simply do not support the promises he is making and there is overwhelming evidence his change is not the change we want for this country. He is in fact associated with individuals we should be concerned with. Such as the unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers, the controversial Rev. Wright, ACORN the group responsible for thousands of voter fraud and if that’s not enough he also has strong ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which is at the corner stone of this economic downturn.
As for his ideas of government they are socialistic at best “Let’s share the wealth?” Should your government tell you how to spend your hard earned money? Why doesn’t he practice this? He promised the American public he would take public financing if Mr. McCain did. Yet when Mr. McCain took the public financing, Mr. Obama did not and he has raised six hundred million dollars on which to spend, well simply put, buying your votes. Why doesn’t he share that wealth? Do you know how many people you could help with six hundred million dollars? Why can’t he face Mr. McCain man to man and just simply compare their records? Why is he so afraid to simply just run against McCain? Why does he need to spend six hundred million and McCain only needs eighty four million?

Lets just think about it for a second if you where hiring someone for a job would you hire someone with little to no experience and some shady associations , but they promise to do a good job or would you hire someone who has a long record of experience and has proven themselves to be a good employee. Think about it, You are hiring the next president of the United States when you vote on November fourth. Look at the facts of their records. Any one can make a good speech it takes a true leader to actually follow through with their promises. And I would say if Mr. Obama couldn’t even keep his word to take public financing for his campaign (which is the largest thing he has ever run) than how is he going to make good on any of his other promises? It only took Mr. Obama and his democratic friends that control congress two years to bring record breaking high gas prices and to destroy our economy. Can we really afford to keep saying “quack quack” to individuals who are clearly saying “cluck cluck”. Let’s remember Abby and the “quack quack” story. Stop denying the facts and realize that chickens say “cluck cluck” and nothing else.

Our forefathers gave their lives so that we could have a country in which to live and worship freely. It is time for this generation to stop and think about what kind of country we want to leave for our children. One left with a huge deficit and socialistic ideas and mandates or do we want to leave them a deficit free successful nation, where they can pursue their own hopes and dreams and not pay for our mistakes? I know we are facing tough times in this country and people are looking for something to believe in but we must be careful that we don’t just believe in anything or anyone. Do you remember September eleventh? Of course you do that was one of the toughest times in our country, but we did what Americans have always done. We all pulled together and got this country back on its feet united once again as “One Nation Under God Indivisible”. We worked side by side with one another to rebuild and restore each other. We must remember that this is still the greatest nation on earth and together we can do anything. Whenever there is a national disaster we come together and work one on one with each other as we saw in more recent events, with hurricane Gustav, John McCain himself went to go help side by side with the American people. A perfect example of what a selfless leader he has been and will continue to be for this country. He doesn’t stay at home and hope they won’t need him or wait for them to call on him. He simply gets busy and does the work that needs to be done. So lets stand together this election year and fight for what is right and good about this country. Let’s elect a president who has proudly served this country his entire adult life and knows what it means to truly sacrifice of himself for the cause of freedom. Together lets get this country moving back in the right direction. Please carefully consider your choice this November. This is the most important election to our children’s future.

Respectfully submitted,
Jessica Chubbuck