Saturday, October 4, 2008

ACTION ALERT: Submit questions for townhall debate

I just learned that this week's upcoming debate (Tuesday, October 7, 6pm) between McCain and Obama is a townhall style. (You may remember John McCain invited Barack Obama to attend a series of 10 Town Hall meetings this summer, but Senator Obama was busy going to the gym and talking to non-voters in Berlin. McCain went anyway, and answered hundreds of questions from voters all across America.)

PLEASE take a moment to submit a question, here are the details:

The Commission on Presidential Debates has partnered with MySpace to create a new Web site,, to enhance the educational value of the
televised debates and to engage viewers throughout the general election period. The Web site will become available in the days leading up to the first Presidential debate on September 26. You will be able to track the positions of the candidates on issues of interest to you, submit questions to candidates throughout the campaign and submit questions for possible inclusion in the October 7, Town Hall Presidential Debate.

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Burg said...

Good to know, thanks!