Thursday, October 30, 2008

Share Your Experiences: McCain Palin Events

Heather at Moms in the Right shared her experiences at a Palin campaign rally in Loveland, Colorado. Her story noted that getting to know the McCain-Palin supporters is almost as exciting as getting to know the candidates themselves:

There were young and old, male and female, and people from every ethnic group. While we had been waiting in line, some people shared stories about why they were there, and why they were leaning or voting for Sen. McCain. One lady in front of us said she had lived in 25 different countries (for her husband's work), and no matter where she went in the world, everyone always asked her one question, and that was "How can I become an American?"

One young mother in front of us said she had grown up in Saudi Arabia, and having lived in that kind of government, she felt McCain best represented and could preserve the values of America.

Another said she had a roommate in college who was from Sweden. While this person loved their country, he had hated how the government controlled every aspect. She said his father had died of heart disease, while on a waiting list to receive medical care with the government-run health care program in Sweden. She said she did not want America to takes steps closer to socialism.

I'll be posting more rally and event stories this week, if you have a positive story to share, please leave a comment. Thanks!

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