Friday, October 31, 2008

Excellent links for Saturday

Read these links, then GO MAKE YOUR CALLS. Yes, you. On the computer. I see you eating that bowl of your kids' Halloween candy. If you really feel like you can't call strangers, email everyone in your address book and tell them why you're voting for John McCain and they should too. No excuses, ladies!

Awesome one-page comparison of the candidates. From a Catholic group, but useful for people of all faiths, scroll down for professional brochures and is you're pro-life, be sure to check out their links and commentary as well.

Remember when I told you not to panic about polls? Zogby says (surprise, surprise) Mac is BACK!

From the DUH Department: Media really IS "in the tank" for Obama.

The 'Governator' gets McCain Ohio supporters PAHMPED UP! Article here, video below. 12 Minutes but WORTH IT. Fun zingers *and* thought-provoking arguments. And who doesn't love Dah Ack-sent!

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