Monday, October 27, 2008

Resources for Undecideds: Endorsements, Faith

We all know people who are undecided, some who even have the courage to admit that. Since different people need to hear different things to make their decision, here are 20 resources that you may want to share:

10 Endorsements of Note

1. Master LIST of endorsements from Wikipedia

2. Swing state, small town: Findley, Ohio

3. Swing state, big town: Columbus Dispatch

4. Blue state, big city: San Diego

5. Blue state, DEEP blue city: San Francisco (really!)

6. Blue state, DEEPEST blue city: New York Post

7. Red state, red city: San Antonio, Texas

8. Red state, red city: Dallas Morning News

9. Swing state, swing city: Tampa Tribune

10. Swing state, ain't over till it's over: Michigan

10 Resources for People of Faith






16. Transcript of Rick Warren Saddleback Church Forum:


18. Jewish Press endorses McCain:

19. Official Site for "Americans of Faith"

20. Official Site for Catholics for McCain (you can request a Voter2Voter PhoneBank list of Catholics to call in swing states)


Kahleeka said...

These are great links! Thanks for your time and energy!

Kahleeka said...

Excellent links! Thanks for the time and energy to share this with us!!

bikurgurl said...

Thanks! I'll cross to my blog -- saw you in the magazine this month which drove me to your site (I'm also in Redmond!!) ;)

bikurgurl said...

FYI: Findlay, Ohio (I used to live down the road from there;) )

KarenW said...

Thanks for the links. I put some of them on my blog. I hope that's what you meant by sharing!