Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Think I Give Up

I saw a poll, done of 500 people, and half of them didn't agree with me. So I think I'll give up on John McCain.

I saw a rockstar on TV who doesn't like McCain, so I think I'll give up.

My union told me not to vote for McCain, so I give up.

I was called nasty names when I admitted I support McCain. So, I give up.

I heard some soldiers died in Iraq. So fighting terrorists there and making life safer for Iraqi people? We should give up on that too.

I heard the banks are all failing. So my money's going in a sock under the mattress. I think I'll give up on banks.

I heard the constitution is too loosely interpreted. And heck, those old guys probably had no idea what today's world would be like. So I'm not going to defend to constitution. I give up on that too.

I heard the stock market is down. So now that all my investments are devalued, now is the time for me to sell them all. I give up.

I think politicians are all corrupt losers. We shouldn't fight their wasteful spending and backroom deals, we should just let it continue. I give up.

I heard other countries hate us now. So I give up on trying to do business there, exchange ideas, and share cultures, I give up.

I heard American jobs are going overseas. We'll never be able to keep them here anyway, or retrain our workers to do anything else. I give up.

I heard the ice caps are melting and natural resources are being squandered. I give up on my planet too.

You know, many years ago, I heard an American pilot was captured , arms and legs broken, locked in solitary confinement, and tortured for almost 6 years. We should have given up on him too.

BUT what if we had given up on John McCain then?

Thousands more Americans and Iraqis would have died in the absence of McCain's successful 'surge' strategy. Our safety and security would be at even higher risk.

Special interests would still fund campaigns and none of us would ever know who was involved where, and why. Earmark spending would be at even higher levels, and no one would know about it.

The Democrats, under Pelosi's "leadership" (and I use the term loosely), would have forced through an even worse pork-laden bailout package with special goodies for their favorite puppet groups.

Bipartisan efforts on climate change, immigration, spending, torture, and other key issues would never have been brought to the forefront in the Senate.

And last but not least, four McCain children wouldn't be here. Three, including two current U.S. military servicemen, wouldn't have been conceived, and Bridget McCain, without lifesaving medical care and a loving amily here in the U.S., almost certainly would have died in Bangladesh.

We didn't give up on John McCain when he was invisible, broken, dying, defeated.

Let's not give up on him now.


robin in alabama said...

I have come to realize this election is not McCain vs Obama. It has come down to my way of thinking, living, believing vs theirs. I have come to understand it is not only McCain Palin that is fighting Obama it needs to be me. I need to stand up and declare what I desire for my nation, state, city, home, and my life. It its up to me not to give up but to fight so I am going to pronounce my support for McCain tonight after the debate. No matter how the debate goes. He has my support. I will be sending every TV local and national networks my voice. I will take a stand today.
If you would like to join me I will have email address and web site information that you can use.
Let us let them know how we will vote and not let them tell us how we should vote.

Sarah said...

Wow, Great post! It's hard not to get discouraged with all the cards seemingly stacked against conservatives. But this post was really hopeful, thanks!

Kat said...

Thanks for this Jean. Really good post. I keep thinking how McCain was an underdog in the primaries, even carrying his own suitcases through the airport and he didn't give up. I won't give up either.

Saw you in All You btw. WooHoo! Good Job!

Christine said...

I agree with you on this 100%! And as John McCain said himself the other day at a rally, they counted him out for the primary too, and now he's running for president! He'll win! I believe it!

Weller Family said...

AMEN!!! I am so tired of all the left wing, liberal, "news" stations saying "Obama is in the lead". It isn't over till it's over! McCain is our man. We have to spread the word and let everyone know what a great man he is and what a great president he will be.

spababy said...

Awesome post, Jean. and so very true. Mac has not given up and we should not either. I always think of a man who spent 5 years in a heinous prison and still kept his spirit alive. Torture could not conquer him and I don't think this will either.

kmorrison said...

Great article. You're right you don't only fight when success is guaranteed; you fight when something matters.

Nicole said...

I just found your blog. You have great posts and I'm glad you are getting the word out. Thanks. McCain/Palin '08.