Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Reaction: Oct 15

As expected, media reactions varied, but McCain definitely came out strong, confident, and showed a stronger command of American families' economic struggles than in the past.

This is an interesting take on the final debate, Time Magazine, hardly a bastion of conservatism, gave McCain higher marks, saying:
Avoided the policy weeds, as usual, but sounded more engaged on his economic program, presenting a clear, thematic argument. He was also good on climate change, trade, taxes, and spending. It was an impressive performance from a politician who is generally more comfortable offering broad statements and displaying his compelling personality, than focusing on detail and nitty-gritty.

More responses forthcoming, the campaign's summary here.


A Mom for McCain said...

Thanks for the excellent as usual thoughts!

blonde said...

It has come to many peoples attention that Mr. Obama is not a naturalized US citizen and he is refusing to show proof to people that he is. There is a lawsuit against him.

Obama is refusing to show his true birth certificate. Sign the petition and ask your Congressman to tell him to show he is qualified to be president.

Please show your true birth certificate.