Friday, October 3, 2008

Independent Voters Call Palin the Winner

Non-partisan pollster Frank Luntz assembled a group of undecided voters, half who voted for Bush, half who voted for Kerry, to "dial in" their feedback throughout the debate. They called it overwhelmingly for Palin. Note that a fe changed their minds in McCain's favor, versus only one who moved toward Obama.

(Note gratuitous Budweiser product placement -- it would have been interesting to see the "3-beer" response, for truly candid feedback.)


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I've got a question. In the recent issue of ALL YOU, you say "When the voter packet came in the mail this year laying out all of the candidates' positions" what is a voter packet and how can I get one? This is exactly what I need/want. It seems that all I hear on the radio/TV/ads, etc. is "My opponent did this", "My opponent says that" or promises without any methods of how those promises will be kept. I'm a registered voter but don't feel comfortable voting without knowing/understanding the real positions and plans of each candidate. Can you help me? How do I get this voter packet? Thank you.

tigrefan98 said...

Heidi -
Here in Washington state, every household gets a packet from the secretary of State marked "Voter Pamphlet." It has factual information on all offices from President to Governor to judges to school board, statements for and against "initiatives", tax levies, etc. The online version (including Presidential candidates) is here:

Other good factual resources are the League of women Voters and your local library.

tigrefan98 said...

Also Heidi, your best source for each major candidate is their official websites, and Since it's the web they can be changed or tweaked, but anything there should be considered "from the horse's mouth." Another good non-partisan site (not fool-proof but a good start) is

Anonymous said...

thank you for all your suggestions.

wildlaurel said...

I take issue with 2 things you posted in this piece. First of all, Frank Luntz isn't non-partisan, he has worked with the Bush administration and was the guy who suggested they reframe the term "global warming" to "climate change" so it would be less "alarmist." Secondly, he has been sanctioned by at least two polling association groups because of the way he handled poll data or conducted polls - so I don't know that I'd consider him a reliable source of information.