Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meet the McCain Moms

Since I launched Moms4McCain in March, I've been privileged to 'meet', in the flesh and online, thousands of amazing women of every age, nationality, faith, party, and belief who support John McCain as the best choice for President. As you talk to undecided voters this week, think about these women and why they support McCain. Could their personal story make the difference in someone else's vote?

Rachel in Michigan and Nancy in Ohio, self-described 'conservatives,' got to attend McCain-Palin rallies in their hometowns. (Rachel put up dozens of McCain signs in her town at her own expense; Nancy works nights full-time and has squeezed in time to volunteer at her local McCain office.)

I interviewed Hillary supporter Randa the day after the DNC's historic decision -- foretelling the PUMA movement before it had an acronym. Key Hillary volunteer Tracy, Mom to three girls in Texas, shared her thoughts on McCain and has since continued to play a key role in pro-McCain grassroots and netroots efforts.

Local Seattle-area business owners Linda and Tammy (both more conservative than I am, neither of whom started out as McCain supporters, I should note) shared their thoughts on how each candidate would impact their housecleaning and hairstyling businesses. Tiffany is a personal chef and caterer in Wasilla, Alaska, who discussed the hometown response to the McCain-Palin ticket.

Military Moms Marissa and Whitney shared their perspectives on the war, the media, and the next Commander-in-Chief.

Baby Boomers Barbara and Andi shared their support for John McCain from a more independent perspective. Leslie, a young single Mom in Florida, shared why she chose McCain as her candidate early in the process.

And not to be outdone, I shared my experiences serving as a King County delegate, meeting McCain, discussing politics at a Seattle girls' school, and volunteering at the local McCain HQ.

What started as me in my living room Googling McCain articles has become a labor of love, and is making a difference all over America. These Moms are the new face of political outreach, they have made a difference in both traditional and unconventional ways. If you are a McCain supporter reading this right now, you can make a difference. Please take action today to ensure proven, courageous leadership for your children. Thank you!

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