Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mom on the Spot: Ohio Rally

A comment on one of my Mom forums inspired me to get off my butt and go make some phone calls to get out the vote for McCain-Palin. I hope it encourages you to TAKE ACTION for McCain and Palin. This Mom from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio writes:

"I just picked up my tickets [for the Vienna, Ohio rally] and will be heading over to my parents after picking up my son from school...I am so excited!!

I work full time nites.. and have been making the time to get involved with this election. I went on the McCain website and it will allow me to see all events in my area. So far I have attended a very moving and inspiring Veterans for McCain event
in Canton, Ohio. 2 POW's who served with McCain were there and the female who spoke at the Republican Convention on Tuesday.

I then called the Summit County Victory Center to ask what I can do do help - and so far each day this past weekend I have gotten on the phones to conduct surveys. I have met many wonderful people, both men and women, and all ages. I went on
Saturday morning and a group of college students spent the morning and afternoon
making calls. I decided I don't want to be a Democrat like Obama and just talk about change.. but rather create change and better my country. I don't do anything awe-inspiring ..but I feel that ANYTHING can and will help. Not much longer til 11/4 so.... what can you do??

Please take action today and share your activities in comments.

Action Item of the Day: Don't forget to ask *everyone* - especially people who have recently moved, changed their name or their party affiliation - are you registered to vote?


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