Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate Reactions

Since I've spent the last 24 hours battling a stomach bug, I will let other people do the talking about yesterday's debate:

S.E. Cupp in the Daily News says Score One for John McCain.

Kathy at Purple People Vote points out the difference between McCain's soldier-rmembrance narrative and Obama's.

The Weekly Standard's Dean Barnett ntoed some of the same things that stood out to me: Obama came off as smooth but smug, and yes the "Pahk-ee-stuhn" thing was distracting.

Newsweek acknowledges McCain's superior grasp and experience on foreign policy, but asks will it matter to voters?

Off the top of my feverish head, I noticed that Obama mentioned Bush 16 times - an odd choice considering Bush isn't on the ballot.

The transcript of the debate is here.


robin in alabama said...

Thank you for doing all you are doing by keeping us Moms in the loop. I have also started a blog.
stop by if you like. Thanks again for your help. It shows me how to pray.
Enjoy our Lord's Day.

Jen said...

Just found your blog. Glad to hear another thinking mom who doesn't assume that ownership of a uterus makes you a Dem. :-)

Looking forward to reading in the next few weeks.

Tami said...

hey there. i am tami from over at http:/
wanted to link to your site! we're all in this together.
God bless--