Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin RNC Speech Video

I watched this amazing speech with a packed house of volunteers tonight and it was truly inspiring! Whatever your political stripes, this day and this woman will be remembered for years to come.


Kat said...

And she winged most of it. The teleprompter didn't pause during the applause and got way ahead of her, she gave the bulk of the speech from memory.

Inday said...

google sent me to your blog..

you have a better video than what i got..

Sarah Palin's Full Speech Video

Paul said...

Just saw you on Kiro7! Good job in the defense.

We can win Washington. If the sexist talk of her being a Mom and bleah bleah bleah continues, we need to go to the streets and I need your help.

I'm talking to a few people acorss the states...

Paul said...

**It's official, we are protesting. Please join me and get others to join. We need just 1 or 2 hours on Saturday. Along with and with your help, we will be setting this up across the states.***

SeanOsborne said...

I just linked your video to the NEINblog. I truly believe that last evening we were formally introduced to the All-American 2008 version of Great Britain's Maggie Thatcher. Sarah will be the POTUS someday.

everythingipod said...

This just goes to show how honorable John McCain and his family is, they have a black daughter, but they never capitalized on that fact:

John McCain's Black Daughter

dearsportsmom said...

Move over, Gert Boyle (Columbia Sportswear’s version of one tough mother)! Sarah Palin gave one incredible speech last night…proving she is way overqualified to be just another snack shack mom.

And if anyone thinks that being a hockey mom doesn’t count for much in the world of politics, then they haven’t experienced the politics of youth sports. lol

From personal experience, I know that a coach of a winning team becomes a target just for being on top. Horrible things are said about coaches who know how to win, while no one attacks the losing coaches. What an interesting parallel this is to what is happening in the media with their attacks on Sarah Palin.

It’s time to celebrate the accomplishments of one of our own! You go, Hockey Mom!

Paul said...

I created the following petition. If you are a Hillary supporters, sign the petition and spread the word!

The MSM and particularly NBC and CNN, continues to declare that Palin does not have the support of ex-Hillary supporters despite evidence all across the Internet and forums that many ex-Hillary supporters love Palin.

In addition to contacting the MSM personally and trying to set them straight, this is another opportunity to show your support.

We are shooting for 10,000 within 2 - 3 weeks and then we can print and mail this to CNN and MSNBC.

Please sign this ONLY if you were a supporter for Hillary in the past and ONLY if you are a woman.

If you are Democrat, Republican or Independent female supporter for Palin but NOT an ex-Hillary supporter, sign this petition:

Spread the word!