Monday, September 1, 2008

GOP Convention Changed Due to Hurricane


Rick Davis, campaign manager for John McCain 2008, announced that the upcoming
Republican National Nominating Convention is making serious revisions to the
convention program and surrounding activities. Davis said, "We are deeply concerned about the safety and welfare of the residents of the Gulf State
region. Our top priority is to assist those who will be affected by Hurricane Gustav. This is not a time for politics or celebration; it is a time for us to come together as Americans and assist the residents of the Gulf States."

Also announced today were transportation arrangements for delegates from states affected by Hurricane Gustav. The McCain 2008 campaign has chartered a DC-9 that will transport delegates that wish to return to home to their states. The DC-9 will leave Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport today and will fly to Jackson, Mississippi. All transportation costs will be covered by the McCain 2008 campaign.

** I urge everyone reading this -- yes trolls, even you -- to click here to see how to offer help to the areas affected. **


Note: this week I will be more "Mom" than "For McCain" as I send my son to kindergarten for the first time - a bittersweet, long-awaited day. Stay updated with my friends at McCain Victory 08 and the Let's Get This Right grassroots movement, who have coordinated an unprecedented blogger presence at the convention.

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