Thursday, August 14, 2008

Small business interview: Linda

Linda is a single Mom and grandmother from Bellevue, Washington who runs her own residential cleaning business full-time. She is passionate about politics and took a few minutes to share her thoughts on this Presidential election season and how America's choice will impact her. Thank you Linda for sharing your thoughts!

Tell us about yourself. I'm Linda, Mom to 3 grown sons and 5 grandkids. I've lived in Bellevue, WA for the last 20 years - I was born in Ohio and lived in San Diego.

Tell us about your business. What do you like about it? I've been cleaning homes for 16 years, with some of the same clientele the whole time. I enjoy it, I enjoy the relationships with the people and being appreciated for what I do. I love the ability to call my own shots and arrange my own schedule.

How did you get started in your business? I became a single Mom and I needed to make income right away. If I'd gone back into a "professional career," I couldn't have taken my boys to soccer. And two of them (9 and 11) were too old for daycare and too little to be home.

What is your involvement in politics? How would you describe yourself politically? I'm a "conservative Conservative" - to the right of the right. I listen to conservative talk radio. I'm really not "involved" this year yet, I'll probably do something for the campaign, haven't decided what yet.

Is this election different for you? The feeling of the NEED to do something is more crucial this election year. I feel like I have a "responsibility," I can't just complain and not do something. I need to be proactive. I think the issues are becoming more and mroe important, we're at a time in our country's future where we could be 'losing' the country.

Who do support for President and why? I support McCain because he is strong on protecting the country, and he understands the issues of foreign policy and being strong militarily. And that our safety and security depends on our strength.

How do you think a McCain or Obama Presidency would affect you? I think McCain stands behind keeping taxes lower, and I would therefore have more of my own money, which I feel I can spend better than my government. I can take responsibility for myself, I don't need the government being a 'nanny system.' With Obama in office, for one, my taxes would go up. But more importantly I would not feel safe. I would be very concerned over the world situation and safety at home. I have no confidence in Obama, and it would be a loooong four years.

What do you think McCain should do to appeal to people like you? As a "conservative Conservative," I think he needs to re-address the immigration problem, and really look at being tougher on the borders, because I think it is a real issue.

I'd like to see him be a little bit more energetic. I'd like him to get across the fact the he will help us keep our money, and that he is for change - the change in your pocket he wants you to keep. Obama's change is he wants to take your change. Both candidates are for "change," McCain is NOT Bush so it's not a repeat of the last eight years in any way, shape or form, except he is tough on defense.

That's where women are at: they want to be safe, and they want to have enough money, and that will speak to the woman. No one wants war, but we REALLY don't want to be attacked again on our own soil.

Do you have a favorite choice for Vice President and why? At this point, it would be Carly Fiorina. She understands business, people, foreign policy, and she understands how to deal with people in a foreign country and I think all of those are important these days. She's not wishy-washy, she knows how to deal with men whch I think is huge. I'm currently reading her book.

Any other thoughts to share? McCain wasn't my first choice, I wanted Fred Thompson. But he [McCain] is our choice now, we have to get behind him. Because the other choice, isn't. I think McCain runs head and shoulders above Obama, especially in experience.

Thank you Linda for sharing your thoughts!

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