Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain, Obama and the Leap of Faith

In between chasing my kids through the sprinkler and watching Michael Phelps this weekend, I caught the Saddleback Forum this weekend (transcripts of the event here, video below).

To Pastor Warren's credit, he actually asked revealing questions about character and decision-making, he addressed major issues, and he actually gave voters a chance to see both candidates in clear contrast. To Senator Obama's credit, he seemed conversational and used Biblical refernces liberally (pun intended). Unfortunately McCain wiped the floor with him on Looking Presidential, being direct, actually giving a clear answer, and showing that his views are in line with the majority of evangelical churches and believers.

So Americans are left with the proverbial $32,000 question: What kind of President do you want?

One who is eloquent, or one who tells it like it is?

One who quotes the Bible, or one whose faith was founded in the most unspeakable conditions?

One who gives a speech, or one who takes a stand?

I choose to work for John McCain because I want a President who isn't perfect - and knows it. (Matthew 23:12.)


Kat said...

Excellent summation! Feel free to cross post this if you want at Moms In The Right. Also, we have a brand new look. Check it out and let me know what you think.

AgentBrez said...

i never got around to seeing Obama only part of McCain but from everything i have read and heard McCain was the clear winner. its easy to see why just based on the little bit i did see. he told great stories that were relevant and actually [gasp!] answered the questions directly. all along i have been saying im more voting against Obama than i am McCain but his performance in this forum made me more excited to be voting FOR McCain.