Friday, August 29, 2008

BREAKING: Palin for VP??

** This is now CONFIRMED! Hooray!! McCain-Palin 2008! **

My sources report that a charter aircraft flew from Anchorage, Alaska to Middletown, Ohio Thursday. Now as a former Buckeye, I've been to Middletown, and folks, ain't nothin' there to see except, oh yes, JOHN McCAIN and 10,000 fans, if, say you are the Vice Presidential pick.

Since we are in the wee hours here, I will link to some reliable bloggers in different time zones : Steve Maloney and SJ Reidhead who can update you while I (gasp) attempt to sleep, eat, parent, put away the dishes from dinner, and oh yes, stay CALM!

As you will recall, I have been a fan of Governor Palin's since May, and even though she had faded from speculation recently, I still think she's the man for the job (ha ha). See #8-9 on this list.

Updates at a reasonable hour Pacific time - in the meantime reload official site and McCainVictory08!


Anonymous said...

I thought of you immediately. How awesome is it that a full half of the tickets is made up of Not White Guys? I mean, some of my best friends yada yada, but still.


Jenn said...

McCain/Palin '08

LisaMarie said...

I am so thrilled right now

Lisa aka spababy

hoosiermom said...

This pick restores my faith in McCain as an independent thinker and actor (I was wavering, worried he'd pick Romney--"safe", but Biden-like in his inability to draw and inspire additional votes).

Hoop-de-dooh! This move will squash the Dem Senators' hopes of ruling us.

dearsportsmom said...

This gives my teenaged daughter something to get excited about as she debates her liberal high school classmates. What a wonderful role model too!

Loving the energy we feel today.