Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moms4McCain on BlogTalkRadio!

This Saturday (tomorrow), I will be a LIVE guest on the Clintons4McCain BlogTalk radio show. I'll be discussing issues that impact Moms and families, so *PLEASE* log in, call in, tune in this Saturday, August 9 from 5-5:30pm Eastern time! Details are here, the call-in number is (347) 633-9273.

As you may have guessed, Hillary Clinton was not my first choice, and as a moderate Republican, I do disagree with her on many important issues. But part of my mission at Moms4McCain is to reach undecided voters and give them the facts, and I've spoken with Moms who are Republican (Marissa, Tammy), Independent (Tracy, Barbara), and Democratic (Randa) who shared why McCain is their choice.

Right now, 18 million Hillary voters are rightfully questioning whether Barack Obama represents the same kind of leadership their candidate promised. While some are frightened by
the "R" after his name, most are aware of his strong bipartisan record, and taking a serious look at McCain.

Voters who looked to Hillary for her experience will find McCain's Congressional, military and legislative accomplishments much more attractive choice than Obama's 200-something days.

Voters who liked Hillary's directness and backbone under political pressure will like McCain's successful leadership on controversial issues like climate change, immigration, and campaign finance reform.

Voters who want change in Washington will appreciate McCain's unique record of 'equal-opportunity shenanigans-calling' when politicians of all stripes were playing fast and loose with the American people and their money.

Voters who want a leader who cares about people more than party or popularity will like McCain's bipartisan successes and support.

Please give the show a listen and spread the word - thanks!

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AgentBrez said...

i couldnt agree more. even as a self proclaimed conservative republican [opposed to moderate republican] i recognize that we need people in the middle and disenfranchised Hillary voters. as much as i would love it, the "far" right will never rule everything, so we all have to learn to work together and compromise.