Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Ads: Show Me The Money

The McCain Campaign released two ads this week which highlight the disparity between McCain and Obama's approach to taxing American families and American energy.

I should note, for the sake of fairness, there are all sorts of rumors going around, some with 'accurate' figures, some with 'misleading' figures based on incomplete assumptions. So before you go postal over a couple of scary numbers, think about the big picture. One candidate has a record of voting for tax increases, has pledged to increase spending and initiate expensive new programs, and thinks energy corporations will happily pay higher taxes without passing on that cost to consumers (not holding my breath). The other wants to maintain vulnerable tax cuts, keep investment taxes low, and require the government to 'tighten its belt' before you do. I'm no economist, but I know which candidate is acting in my best interest.

TV Ad: 'Painful'

Details and supporting information here.

Radio Ad: 'Recipe' (audio only)

Details and supporting information here.

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