Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now hiring: America

WANTED: Courageous self-starter to lead large, multi-stakeholder nation. Team-oriented leader with problem-solving focus. Potentially hostile work environment. Extensive domestic and international travel. Many evening and weekend hours, on call 24-7. Must relocate to Washington, DC - housing provided. Reports to 300,000,000 bosses plus regular press and international briefings.

Responsibilities include leading armed security staff of over 1,000,000, selecting judges for lifelong appointments, serving as liaison with other organizations, managing budget of several trillion dollars annually, kissing babies. HR challenges include recalcitrant Congress, plentiful protesters, and well-armed, well-trained terrorists with no regard for their lives or yours.

Experience and skills sought: Ability to work independently and manage a team. Knowledge of foreign languages and cultures a plus. Ability to work under time pressure and deadlines. Negotiation skills, attention to detail, and courage under pressure. Willing to make course-corrections based on best practices. Emphasis on results. This is NOT an entry-level position.
Impeccable references required.

Interested applicants should submit a letter explaining "where you see yourself in five years." See sample here.

Additional questions should be directed to Moms4McCain at Serious inquiries only.

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