Saturday, May 10, 2008

McCain: Leading Like a Grownup

Good Moms, like all good leaders, sometimes have to be meanies. We say no to violent video games and multi-scoop waffle cones before dinner. We know there will be complaints, but we do it anyway.

John McCain has been criticized by the media for being too liberal, then too conservative. Too old and stodgy, then too much of ‘maverick’ and unknown. Not presenting specific enough plans, or ‘pandering’ with too many specifics. Has this stopped him? No. As he once joked, John McCain is not running for Miss Congeniality. He is running to LEAD.

Our next President will have to make choices for our country – some of which will be popular, and some won’t. John McCain doesn’t always say what people want to hear, but he does what needs to be done. He will fight terrorist threats vigorously and respond to ungrateful critics with patience and accountability. He will trim the fat from federal budgets to ensure Americans get a Filet Mignon government on a ground beef budget. He will bring pride back into politics and into Americans’ hearts. And he will do it whether we appreciate it or not, because he is truly committed to putting the ‘service’ back in ‘public service.’

I have given up time with my family to advocate for McCain because he is the kind of leader I strive to be. Sometimes it’s frustrating to hear starry-eyed supporters spew platitudes about change, without the faintest clue of how that will be funded, planned, or executed. McCain’s solutions aren’t always as crowd-pleasing as his opponent’s – but in the long run, they are the changes that America truly needs. I blog instead of sleeping because I know he is right, and I will not rest until every Mom in America knows it too.

To every Mom who has shown that kind of leadership, I celebrate you today, and thank you for the priceless service you offer America’s next generation. To MY Mom, also a McCain supporter of course, thank you for teaching me to ‘stand up for what is right, even when you’re standing alone.’
(And guys who are reading, treat your Mom to a Mom for McCain button!! The happiest $5 gift you'll ever give her - infinitely preferable to an embroidered cat pillow or crocheted potholder.)

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