Saturday, May 17, 2008

McCain Moms: Feedback needed!

Moms for McCain has reached hundreds of readers across America and several foreign countries! As the Presidential race changes, women voters are becoming more important to the election discussion.

In the coming months, I'll have lots more updates, news and insights on the campaign. But I want to make sure America is hearing from other McCain Moms too! I am seeking:

- Guest bloggers who are passionate about a potential VP candidate to write a blurb in support of your preferred person.

- Questions you'd like to have answered for a new "Q&A" section. This is not a 'debate' forum, but I will do my best to answer the most 'frequently asked questions' so we can all be prepared to spread accurate information to support McCain.

- Please share other suggestions and discussion at I have started a discussion forum for "Women" (although there is plenty of info on McCainNow from men I like and respect), my login is tigrefan98 if you want to message me there or add me as a "friend." I've learned lots of good information and ideas there, but we definitely need more estrogen (hint hint!).

- You can also contact me by email at moms4mccain at

Thank you for showing your support for America's best choice for President!

1 comment:

Sally Eyring said...

If I hear McCain say "my friends" once more I'm going to gag.

He is not my friend - I am his boss. He, and all elected officials, are supposed to work for us, the American people. I don't want a friend in Washington - I want someone who will work for the people and not for special interests, no matter what party they belong to.