Wednesday, May 21, 2008

VP Update: Candidates heading to Sedona ranch, UPDATED

It seems that we Moms for McCain aren't the only ones with Veep Fever!

Today the Associated Press reported that three shortlist candidates will be first-time visitors to the McCain ranch in Sedona, Arizona for a big-ole Memorial Day barbecue-slash-discussion-of-America's-future. Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, and Charlie Crist were invited for the shindig, fueling speculation that all three are top contenders for the VP slot.

They mentioned Democrat-turned-Independent Senator Joe Lieberman and Senator Lindsey Graham will also be present (not sure why they weren't highlighted as VP candidates, except that they have both visited the Sedona ranch before).

It pains me to link to them, but the New York Times has an interesting writeup today, noting:

"McCain, arguably more than most presidential candidates in recent elections, has a lot riding on making a choice for running mate that could provide a boost to his candidacy in a tough atmosphere for Republicans."

Complete story is here. My personal experience suggests Republicans, especially conservatives, are being, well, conservative with their support of McCain - until they have a clearer idea of who will balance the ticket. My hope is once a choice is made, donations will flow in, yard signs will spring up, and voices will speak up more loudly than ever.

Stay tuned for more info on Vice-Presidential candidates!


UPDATE: I saw on Wikipedia tonight that "Mike Huckabee was also invited, but he turned down the invitation because he already had plans to go on a cruise with his wife that day." That leads me to believe this will be an important "rush week" for potential VPs. Huck's decision not to be vetted may have implications for his long-term career (or it may mean he's a loyal husband who wouldn't ditch his wife, even for the future President). Time will tell.

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