Saturday, May 24, 2008

What do you like best about John McCain?

I have been asked this question often by supporters, naysayers, and strangers who see the Moms for McCain address in my signature. I thought I'd ask for your feedback as well.

I'm not just concerned about one policy or resume bullet point, or one external variable that makes him electable. What do you, personally, find most appealing? And yes, there is a lot to like - but what one feature got you from nodding your head on the couch to becoming a donor, blogger, volunteer? What was the "tipping point" for you?

I ask because I have heard sooooo much about what people dislike about Obama (and sorry Mark, but sometimes Hillary too). I hear lots of people say enthusiastically or reluctantly, they will vote 'against the opponent' - while this is beneficial to a point, right now it doesn't help donations, volunteers, blog/online presence, or other key aspects of a winning campaign. I want to make sure we don't lose sight of what a strong candidate we actually have - in terms of his character, his experience, his policies, his courage and determination, and his ability to get things done.

My two cents: I am not a very "political" person, not because I don't care, but because I'm disillusioned with the lack of integrity and accountability from my government. Since I became a voter in 1995, the White House has gone from a place of honor to a hotbed of under-desk scandal and a lightning rod for domestic and foreign resentment.

John McCain is a man with the credentials, experience, and finances to live and work wherever he wants. But he chooses to put the "service" back into public service. He has stayed in Washington because he truly believes it is still possible for our government to be a voice and make a difference for average Americans. He is not afraid of lobbyists, political coalitions, special interests NOR is he intimidated to talk and work with Americans, one on one, sleeves rolled up, looking them in the eye. (In fact, as I personally witnessed in an intimate setting here in Washington state, this is where he thrives most.) I believe when he's in the White House standards for all aspects of personal and professional conduct will be higher - and we will get more efficient, effective government as a result.

I don't pretend to speak for all Americans. But I believe "change" begins at the top. I believe in "Bucks Stopping" with our President. I want someone in that office who is ready to do the right things, not just the popular things. I have faith in my fellow Americans to follow President McCain's lead and re-commit themselves to working cooperatively instead of adversarially.

John McCain is 71 years old. He has run once before, ran hard, and lost. He will very likely not run again. His candidacy can either be the bastion of renewed pride, commitment, and honor in American politics, or a sad footnote in our history.

If you ever considered pulling the lever for McCain, please take a minute to tell me why (comment here or email moms4mccain at I also urge you to do something more. There are many ways to be involved (here are 100 to get you started) but we cannot and will not win unless we all follow McCain's example and "walk the walk" during this campaign. We need to both "preach to the choir" (at McCainNOW, on blogs/web, in person) AND "convert the unbelievers" to McCainism. We in the choir have seen the man and his message, but to be effective 'evangelists' we have to understand what gets people from a reluctant, silent McCain voter to a real part of his success.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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you also only post positives i see