Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Moms are Saying about John McCain

As much as I love sharing my views on McCain and the Presidential race, I thought today I'd let a few others share their reasons for supporting McCain.

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Mother of 2 from San Antonio, TX writes:

I have been an AVID McCain supporter for years (I even voted for him over Bush last time)! He has not only gone through hell in war and been a prisoner in one of the worst Hanoi prisons, but given the opportunity to come home early because of who his father was, he turned it down. This is how it is supposed to work when you are a POW: the first one in is the first one out. Since he had not been there that long before this "proposition" was made to him, he knew it was not his time to go, and he declined so that the proper person could go home. That takes a lot of courage and sacrifice - I don't know how many people could withstand being there & not go home. He was shot down & badly injured. He is truly a hero who never plays up that role as much as most often probably would.

I mention this for a VERY IMPORTANT reason. The person CHOSEN to LEAD this country NEEDS - no - REQUIRES military background, especially in the fine art of WAR. This is so they can fully understand: how to run the country and the military, when and how the troops must be used and maintained, when to use force and when not to use force. You need someone who has been there to the EXTREME in order to
understand when and how that button is to be used. Someone like McCain
knows all too well how, what, why, and when.

A working Mom from eastern Washington State writes:

I was not a McCain supporter during the primary season. Then a few days later, my husband & I voted and we were talking to narrow down our "main issues." While immigration, FairTax, English as our national language, and many more are issues for us we realized that if we get bombed/attacked again the rest is not going to matter! Judges would be another biggie and it sounds like McCain would be choosing many.

I think he is HONEST! I was impressed with the fact that he stood in the heart of auto-making labor union country and said "no" to funding them with more government money.

I'm also VERY excited about his stance on cutting earmarks. There is sooo much about politics and the running of the government that Americans are no longer educated about. He has been in the military, in the House of Representatives & in the Senate so he knows what they need to be doing and can hold them accountable. I'm looking VERY forward to him fulfilling his promise to make porkers famous!

A young Mom from Wenatchee, WA writes:

I've voted straight Democrat since I turned 18. I would've voted for Gore if i was legal age.. and I voted for Kerry. But things have changed.

I used to be "bleeding heart liberal"... and now I'm finding myself more and more conservative, and identify myself as conservative now. McCain supports more of my beliefs and ideals than any of the Democrats. He seems to have the experience needed for the job at hand. And right now I think that is a very important factor.

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