Friday, October 24, 2008

Join us on Saturday!

The fine folks at Team Sarah are sponsoring a 1-million-woman Town Hall, via phone, since we can't all drop everything and fly to a strange city - someone has to give the kids their baths, do the laundry, bring home the bacon, and change the world!

Please visit for more information on the will be streamed LIVE here from 11 am - 1pm Eastern Time.

And while you're on your phone, take a few minutes and call 20 undecided voters in a swing state! ** You can make a difference! **


Doris Heil said...

Of course, I love Sarah. Sorry that I missed your call yesterday.
Sarah, please do not use "hockey mom or "all of the above" any more.I suggest that you and John go into more DETAIS of your economic plan. Both of you should make it very clear how Obama,Pelosi and Reid will reallyydestroy the country with how they intend to use our money. John should dress better--squared shoulders and pressed clothes. Do not waste your energy on the $150.000. GO SARAH! DO MORE TO PROVE OBAMAS LINES ARE LIES. HOW
My deep admiration and respect to you for taking the outrageous treatment from the media. I have and will make more phone calls. I wish that the phone call verbiage
could be updated.

Sincerely, Doris Heil

jeannette garcia said...

As an about to be retired naval officer, my support and prayers are definitely for your team.
It is not too late to make the case against Barack Obama. He is definitely not who he portrays himself to be and that case can be made strongly. David Freddoso has written an excellent book: "The case against Barack Obama" and for a person of change, Barack's actions have not been about change, but about preserving the status quo, not doing anything against corruption, having taxpayer money funneled into corrupt political machines, and making sure his career is launched at the expense of making a stand. Even more frightening are his stance's on many political issues and the people he favors. He views the Constitution as a "fluid" document, not anything we would take literally or can adequately interpret, since it was written over 200 years ago. Consequence: his favored judges would be Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer, all quite radical in their beliefs. For example, Ginsburg and Souter oppose penalties for promotion of child pornography. Breyer and Souter and Ginsburg ruled in Kelo v. New London that it is ok for local governments to take away people's homes and give them to private developers on the principle of eminent domain. The list goes on and on. If elected, Obama would sign into law the Freedom of Choice act, a little too radical even for democrats: it would take away state sovereignity in interpreting Roe v. Wade, allow partial birth abortions, take away the right of physicians and nurses to not participate in abortions if they don't believe in them, and provide federal funding for abortions etc.etc. etc. The list goes on and on on issue after issue -- If you guys make a great case bringing many facts to light, you can literally lambast Obama. So my words to you guys: Go get "em! Do your research and bring these issues to light!