Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feel the Fear, DO IT ANYWAY

Earlier this year, I asked myself: why aren't more Moms involved in politics? We're educated, hard-working, and passionate about what's right for our families and our communities. Many of us who are home with young kids are searching for adult contact and a chance to make a difference in the world when we're not working or volunteering full-time. And let's face it, when things go badly in Washington, Moms and families are hit first, and hit hardest. So why aren't we getting off our couches and shouting from the rooftops about this awesome candidate?

The answer isn't that people don't know how to get involved, it's much more simple: we are afraid. (Myself included.) We are afraid that if we ask a question we'll be ridiculed for not already knowing the answer. We are afraid that if we put a sticker on our car it'll be scratched up or honked at or worse. We are afraid that if we put a sign on our lawn it'll be stolen, or our homes vandalized. We are afraid if we call a total stranger they might rant and rave or laugh at us or hang up. We are afraid that if we speak up about what we believe, something bad will happen.

Well, folks, I have news for you. If we DON'T speak up about what we believe, something FAR WORSE will happen, for FAR LONGER. Is it awkward if you get a dirty look for wearing a McCain button? Sure, for five minutes. Is it worth it to put the more experienced, principled, dedicated man in charge? Absolutely.

I won't tell you "have no fear." A lot is at stake, frankly, you'd be crazy NOT to be afraid for your country and your sanity right now. But here is my challenge to you: Feel the Fear. And DO IT ANYWAY. Make that call. Stand on that street corner. Knock on that door. After you've spoken to one friendly person, or gotten one thumbs-up for your sign, or persuaded one undecided person to get out there and VOTE for McCain, I promise it will be worth it.

We have a candidate who, to borrow from Governor Palin, "is the only man in this race who has ever truly fought for you." I'm asking you, personally, to do one thing today to fight for him. He has earned it. The Hard Way. Without any real thanks along the way. Stand up and fight, so that no matter what the outcome is in your state, you will look back at this election not with regret but with pride. Thank you.


A Mom for McCain said...

Bravo! You're absolutely right.
(and you're a good writer as well :) ) God bless

Jem said...

You should post this on More people would see the post, and more people would find your blog. :)