Monday, April 28, 2008

Andi in NH: John McCain is the Best Man

New Hampshire is a small state, but its hearty voters play a crucial role in continuing American election traditions. Andi, 61, of Goffstown, NH is a Mom, grandmother, local historian, and true-blue McCain supporter for al seasons. She has spoken of greeting the McCain volunteer staff before they even got set up for their events - Andi is as true a fan as you'll ever meet!

Here are her thoughts on why John McCain is the Best Man for America's Commander-in-Chief. Thanks Andi for sharing!


John McCain has served his Country with Pride for many years. After spending over five years as a POW during the Vietnam War, he has learned to deal with many of the tough issues that will in fact face him during his Presidency. I have no doubt in my own mind that John is the man I want to be answering that telephone when it rings at 3 a.m. or any other time day or night. He has the experience, knowledge and above all the courage to stand up and do what is right for the American people.

Living here in New Hampshire I am one of the lucky ones as I had the chance to make the rounds attending as many of his town hall meetings as I chose to attend. Each time I attended one I learned something new about John McCain.

John McCain - as is written on his bus - does in fact give you the "Straight Talk." This is just one of many things I admire about him. If he thinks that there is a problem that something is not working as well as it should be, he speaks about it, along with how he'll make changes for the better. As he has often stated himself, we may not all agree all the time, however he is willing to listen to what you have to say.

While attending these town hall meetings, I found it very interesting that he never once shied away from any question someone thought to ask him. John answered any and all questions put to him with the utmost intellect he shows all the time. He is one very smart man.

I have heard that he himself has admitted that he 'may not know much about the economy.' Why so many have to make a big deal out of one minor detail is beyond me. So what - does everyone know all there is about everything? I doubt it, at least John has the courage to admit it. Like the rest of us, John McCain is human. He is intelligent and sensible enough to know he knows he needs good people working for him in the White House, I have no doubt he will do it.

One thing I'm sick and tired of hearing about is his age. 'Big deal' that he will in fact turn 72 in August, and be the oldest person elected President. With age comes wisdom - knowing all he has to know to keep our Country running as it should, while also tending to our troops, securing their safety, and more importantly bringing them home when the time is right. John will not rush into bringing them home without first securing all that needs to be. He knows enough about war to know that we can not in any way just 'hit and run off' leaving those people to fend for themselves.

John McCain will make sure that the United States of America is kept safe throughout his Presidency.

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