Monday, April 21, 2008

News flash: toddlers get upset!

The Washington Post got bored this weekend and turned to a topic I am an expert on: temper tantrums! Mommy readers in need of a belly-laugh will enjoy this 'expose' on John McCain's temper. Michael Leahy writes of McCain:

"He recalls in his writings how, as a toddler, he sometimes held his breath and fainted during moments of fury."

This sentiment was published in a front-page story in a major national newspaper. Folks, I am not a professional journalist. But I know news when I see it. And this clearly does not qualify. My own wonderful kids have recently dunked the remote in yogurt, flushed beads in my toilet, and kicked baby sister in the face. But I pray that the American media will deem this irrelevant *seventy years from now.*

Being serious, real people - whether they are 3 or 71 - mess up sometimes. McCain was tortured for 5 1/2 years in Vietnam, challenged from all sides in 25 years in Congress, and elected successfully numerous times without providing any earmarked funds for his local constitutents. Is this *really* insufficient proof of his character and competence?

To the journalists who continue to dig for nuggets of dirt on McCain - please show a little faith in your fellow Americans. With plenty of worthwhile facts available , there is no excuse for this pitiful non-story taking up valuable real estate. (Please DON'T make me blog about anal-retentiveness stemming from the potty-training years with Nana McCain.) I can do better unpaid and untrained with a fussy toddler in my lap.

Thanks to Brad at McCain Victory 08 for pointing out my opportunity to blog about toddlers and stay on-topic.

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