Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2009

Attorney General Rob McKenna spoke this weekend about the resurgence of ‘Red Pride’ here in Washington State. He praised John McCain as a war hero and gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi as a ‘fiscal hero’ (at which point there was a palpable murmur among us die-hard McCainiacs, who suppressed the urge to yell “he’s that too!”)

Today millions of Americans will groan and moan as they pay their taxes. The reality is a McCain presidency is our only option to avoid a dramatic, abrupt increase in taxes right as our economic belt is its tightest. The repealable tax cuts disappear in 3 years and the Democratic Congress has a vested interest in making them go away for good. The spectre of higher taxes on small and large businesses makes it harder to compete and easier to outsource or eliminate jobs. High taxes are the dam that keeps economic waters (and money) from flowing.

Despite humble assertions that he’s not an expert, McCain’s common-sense approach to taxes will put more money in the pockets of virtually all Americans. See the major bullet points of his plan here. Top business leaders like Steve Forbes, Carly Fiorina (formerly of HP), and Meg Whitman (formerly of EBay, fellow Tiger) all agree that McCain is the best financial choice for individuals and businesses. Before you rush to the post office tonight, punch your numbers into this spreadsheet by leading economist Ted Frank and think about who you want in office on April 15, 2009.

Thanks MadIrishman and TaxProf for the info…

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