Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to Make an Electoral Quilt

For all but the most committed Seattle-area Republicans, election season means either sudden introversion or spirited debate. But continue east of the Cascades and you’ll find as many conservatives as Seattle has espresso stands. Politically, Washington is schizophrenic, loudly blue and fiercely red, an electoral bruise.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see my home state of Washington leaning 'purple' in new polls, showing McCain ahead of Clinton and within striking distance of Obama (whose mother lived here during her youth). I’ve talked about other potential ‘purple’ states up for grabs, and it looks like we may have a race in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and even Michigan (hey Democrats, vote for McCain and we’ll actually – gasp – count your vote!) Evidently McCain’s message of straight talk, strong military and small, responsible government plays well with practical, patriotic voters across America. I have lived in three ‘swing’ states myself and truly believe it’s the turning out – and speaking out - of regular Moms like us which can swing our country in the right direction.

Make your own ‘electoral quilt’ here.

PS - As of this morning, Moms4McCain has had visits from Moms in 6 different states! Keep spreading the word to friends and family, put us in your email signature and leave comments so I know what issues are important to you and your families! Thanks!!

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