Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't Be An April Fool

Tempting as it was to post a 'Why I Love Obama' rant this morning, I thought some of you might want to avoid being fools this election season. Here are some of my favorite informational sites (no pundits, just facts):

POLLS: Lots of fishy information out there, for useful daily information see Gallup or Rasmussen (Real Clear Politics also shows primary races and state-by-state polls in the margins).

CANDIDATE POSITIONS: VoteMatch Quiz - punch in your views and it spits out a candidate (should be good food for thought to unite conservatives who embrace McCain and those who cling to reservations). Told me I m a 'populist leaning conservative' (hey, maybe I'd make a good VP!). Does NOT take into account character, military service, crazy pastors, or pantsuit strategery.

Truth-O-Meter - equal-opportunity whistleblowers do some fact-checking and often give facts to back up claims. No candidate is exempt but so far the worst they have on McCain in recent weeks is a misunderstanding about the Jewish holiday of Purim (if you're reading, Senator, here you go).

Okay Moms - go get informed!!

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