Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why I do NOT want a woman President

The media has offered several hypotheses why so many 'Hillary Democrats' say their second choice is McCain rather than Obama. I believe that many women, especially in my generation, have felt compelled to support Hillary's candidacy, perhaps out of fear that she will be the only woman to get this important opportunity. Implicit in the debate is the belief that NOT supporting a viable female candidate is turning our back on our sisters and their many sacrifices for our rights today.

There is a major flaw in this logic: the actual positions and the type of politics espoused by Hillary are NOT what's best for American women or their families. When we step away from character, integrity and important issue positions, we disrespect the legacy our foremothers worked so hard to create.

John McCain is the best "woman's candidate" not because of body parts but because of principles and priorities. He acknowledges that we care more about our families' financial independence than any bill in Congress. He acknowledges that we want open, accountable government because we don't have time to scour bills for minutiae to understand when our money is being wasted. We fill the minivan with $89 worth of gas not because we hate the planet or love the foreign oil producers, but because we made a promise to be somewhere for our kids, period. We vote with our values because as Moms, we are the first teachers and often the last voice of reason our kids will ever hear.

John McCain's presidency will assure women that our voices can and will be heard not just today, but for generations to come.

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