Wednesday, March 26, 2008

'Rats continue leaving the ship?

Yesterday I commented on McCain's conservative credentials, because to listen to talk radio, hard-core conservative blogs and other sources, you'd think there was rebellion in the Republican ranks. Being a former research analyst, I like to see (gasp) actual data before leaping to any conclusions.

A fellow 'McCain Mom' pointed out today's Gallup and Rasmussen polls which address this (more at FoxNews) . While the there is some threat of defection among very conservative Republicans (about 11% say they wouldn't vote for McCain unless he aligns himself with a conservative VP), nearly twice as many Obama (19%) and Clinton supporters (28%) say they will vote for McCain if their candidate doesn't get the nomination. This continues the trend we saw last week.

While the article notes that threats of defections across party lines are rare, I believe that McCain's endorsements from across the aisle, Clinton's polarizing history of flip-floppery and Obama's lack of experience make this anyone's game until November. Stay tuned!

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