Thursday, April 10, 2008

Q&A with Summer, Mom to America's Littlest "Patriette"

So much campaign stuff is so serious and negative, it was a breath of fresh air to see this little one singing John McCain's praises.

Imagine my delight to hear from her Mom, Summer, of Tampa Bay, Florida, who found Moms4McCain (!) and took the time to share her reasons for supporting his candidacy.

Q: How did this video come to be and what kinds of responses have you gotten?

A: My mother wrote another song she is working on doing another video. My daughter likes being on "TV" as she calls it! I'm sure that McCain would much rather have a sweet little girl campaigning for him than for instance than the "Obama Girl". But that's pop culture for you.

I have heard some comments about "brainwashing your kids", etc. Am I trying to brainwash her - NO! Really I'm just trying to show everyone what a smart, well spoken and absolutely adorably cute little 3 year old she is. (I know I'm biased but still!)

Q: We know your daughter's views, but what about you?
I am a Republican, but I always look at the issues. No candidate is going to be perfect and in fact they all have many flaws. But what is important to me are the issues and how each candidate will stand on them.

I have a lot of respect for John McCain. He is older, but in my eyes that's a good thing because he has more experience and wisdom. Secondly, my father is a Vietnam Veteran (Semper Fi) and knowing John McCain is a former POW to me signifies that he can stand strong and not back down and be the firm leader that I believe our country needs. Most importantly I like his stand on Human Dignity & the Sanctity of Life.

Q: How do your political views fit into your job as a parent?

A: I think it is very important to teach our kids even at a young age how important it is to vote. I think our kids need to learn to look at the issues, and do research on their own to see who they support, rather than taking the media's word for it, or anyone else's including their parents.

I want my daughter to grow up excited to live in America and excited to be able to vote. I want her to be confident in what she believes and know how important it is to stand up for her beliefs. I see too many young adults today that laugh or joke when it comes to election time. I don't think they know how serious it is and how voting really can make change and affect their lives.

THANK YOU to Summer and her family for lightening the political mood and sharing some interesting insights.

PS – Moms4McCain is now in *21* states across the USA! Spread the word using the link below to email articles, or forward the link to a friend.

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