Saturday, April 19, 2008

McCain VP poll results

In a VERY non-scientific poll, Moms for McCain readers liked Condi Rice or Mitt Romney for VP. I'll comment on strengths & weaknesses of each candidate in the future. For now, Romney has expressed interest but will have to fight public resistance, Rice insists she doesn't want the job but there is lobbying to encourage her to consider it. There is an excellent article about some VP-selection criteria here.

I did want to mention that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who I've heard mentioned numerous times as a possible VP candidate, gave birth today to her 5th child, a boy named Trig (4 weeks early, she went into labor during a Governor's conference!). Palin gained notoriety for her 'maverick-esque' commitment to fighting pork barrel spending in a state notorious for it. She also was featured in Vogue and has been a media darling in a party (and a state) known for being male-dominated. Governor Palin, if you or someone from your office will send me your address we Moms will chip in for a fruit basket!

Stay tuned...and please participate in our NEW poll about important issues in this campaign...

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