Thursday, April 17, 2008

Johnny's Angels: The McCain Women

I've been hoping to hear more from the campaign about the incredible McCain women, and it appears my wish is being granted!

I loved this piece in the Chicago Tribune. Cindy conducts herself with poise and grace even under stressful circumstances, I think she will be an outstanding First Lady. Cindy has a sub-site on the official campaign site, you can sign up as a 'Woman for McCain!' . The younger woman in the picture is daughter Meghan of the revealing and visually-stimulating McCain Blogette. And don't forget John's mother, Roberta 'Nana' McCain, in her mid-90's and still as feisty as ever. So much for being too old!)

Please take a minute to sign up, and let the campaign know that what issues you want to hear about as a female voter. More women voted in 2004 than men, and we have the grassroots influence to get our guy in office. Our voices must be heard!

PS - UPDATE (4pm): Looks like the Clinton campaign is reading my blog and stealing my ideas!!

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