Saturday, April 19, 2008

St. Jude: Hope of the Hopeless

I stumbled on this tour with Campaign Manager Rick Davis, who with his multiple computers and Girl Scout cookie stash is a man after my own heart. (This brought back waves of nostalgia for the cubicle I traded in to raise my two children at home.)

I almost dropped my laptop when 6 minutes in, the interviewer asks about a St. Jude statue on Rick's desk. While we Catholics don't 'pray to statues,' the tradition of saints is an important one - both I and my mother have this same statue in our homes. St. Jude is known as 'Hope of the Hopeless', relegated to desperate causes because of his coincidental name. Jude was so similar to Judas (Iscariot) that superstitious early Catholics sought his intercession only when all else had failed. I have indeed known non-Catholic and even agnostic friends to call on St. Jude in a pinch.

I love the St. Jude metaphor for the allegedly-dead campaign, the unsinkable Senator who took flak from the right and the left, but rose like the Phoenix from which he hails. Just goes to show great things can happen for those who believe.

If you are a person of faith, please take a moment to share John McCain's vision for America with your spiritual community. (See McCain comment on the role of his faith in his life.)

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