Friday, April 25, 2008

A Clear Choice in Just 5 Questions

On The View this week, Cindy McCain commented that her husband is "very different" from the Democratic contenders - a good thing, she said, because "voters will have a clear choice.” Yet I still encounter a large number of Moms who are just plain undecided. They see explicitly conflicting stories and just don’t trust the media to make this important decision for them.

If you (or a friend) can’t decide whether to vote for Obama (or Clinton) or McCain, ask yourself these questions (and watch for more detailed commentary next week).

If each candidate is in the White House in 2009…

Would your family’s taxes be higher than they are now? McCain is the only candidate who would maintain the Bush tax cuts, among other low-tax solutions. (Alan Greenspan and other financial experts agree McCain has the best economic plan for America.)

Would your Congressman’s bills requesting $5 million for grizzly bear research be signed into law? John McCain had zero earmarks last year, and has vowed to veto any pork-barrel bill which crosses his desk.

Would you have the chance to choose your own doctor, hospital, or even medical procedures? McCain opposes a taxpayer-funded Big Brother system and supports consumer choices.

Would military decisions - affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands at home and abroad - be made out of strategic necessity or for political gain? As the only veteran in the race, with two sons serving on active duty, McCain’s military policy is based on years of experience, respect for the judgment of the front-line leadership, and awareness of the high personal price military families pay.

Would an abusive boyfriend be able to take your 14-yr-old daughter to another state for a taxpayer-funded abortion without your knowledge? McCain has consistently voted for parental consent and is the only candidate who doesn’t support taxpayer funding of abortion.

If you still think there is no difference among the candidates on these issues, I invite you to share your questions at McCain Now or the Yahoo McCain HQ. These are both diverse groups featuring Democrats, Independents, and Republicans from all across the country who have discovered John McCain *is* the clear choice for President.

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