Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Media Bias and McCain: Your Turn

(I've decided to interrupt 'small business week' to address some funny business making headlines: media bias. More interviews later this week!)

Despite McCain's overly-gracious dismissal of media bias as a "bit of fun," actual Americans are increasingly acknowledging that the media is clearly in the tank for Obama. As of today, one non-scientific poll of over 100,000 people puts the percentage claiming pro-Obama bias at a whopping 79%.

Usually media bias is carefully disguised, but I think anyone whose synapses are firing can see the overt pro-Obama bias: over-the-top ObamaLove, or refusing to even give McCain a chance to be heard at all. As a wise man once said, don't get mad - get even. Here are some specific, constructive things any of us can do to address and overcome media bias against our candidate.

Call them on it. Email the networks when they're out of line, cancel your subscriptions and *tell them why.* Don't forget their advertisers, who want your business long after the election is over. We have more choices than ever before and need to vote with our feet.

Change the coverage. Make it a habit to "Buzz Up" pro-McCain pieces on Yahoo news. Rate YouTube videos with 5 stars and post supportive comments on McCain articles online. This actually changes which articles show up at the top of the list or front page, versus being relegated to the bottom of the virtual barrel.

Be "proactive" about your news. If you watch the news from 6:00-6:30 over dinner every night you'll hear exactly what that group of people wanted you to hear. If you are interested in healthcare or the economy or Iraq policy, go to the candidates' own sites and get the facts for yourself. If you want opinions and insights, come join our forums at McCain NOW and Let's Get This Right.

Go straight to the source. There are many false rumors going around about BOTH candidates. See a basic summary of issue positions and voting records at Debunk rumors at, and visit often for information straight from "the horse's mouth."

Prioritize what you want to know. I am a former research analyst and longtime geek - if I truly went through all the data available on the Presidential candidates even MY head would explode. Pick 3 or 4 things that are truly important to you - character, specific issues or policies, experience or qualities you think are important. Compare the candidates side-by-side and ask yourself which of these two people would do a better job as President. Not a better job as a speaker or a dinner date. A President: Commander-in-Chief, Judge-Appointer, Congress-Checker, Foreign-Emisary.

Light the candle instead of cursing the darkness. Blog, volunteer and doorbell in support of McCain. The #1 most important thing we can all do to combat media bias is speaking up ourselves. Your word will carry more weight than all other advertising combined. Please consider doing something positive to support John McCain - there are MANY ways to be involved.


Kat said...

Thanks Jean. As usual you have given me some great ideas!

my2boyz said...

Thank you! It has gotten to the point that I watch Seifeld re-runs during the nightly news!