Saturday, July 26, 2008

UPDATE: McCain Nation Events coming to your town!

The stay-at-home-Mom in me is delighted to support McCain from my home computer. But the extravert in me is VERY excited to meet other McCainiacs in the flesh!

Today the McCain campaign is launching an exciting initiative: McCain Nation will bring parties, barbecues, mini-caucus-like discussions, brunches, Happy Hours, and other grassroots events to voters all across America.

Check it out and make plans to host or attend! If you're in the Seattle area I am planning to co-host an event on Thursday, August 14. Please email me at moms4mccain at yahoo dot com if you'd like more information or an invite next week.

P.S. Only 101 days to go - enough to do 1 of 100 different things every day to help McCain win the White House.

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