Friday, July 4, 2008

Let's Get This Right!!

This Independence Day, I am doing 3 things. I am celebrating my Mom's 60th birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!). I am celebrating my country's 232nd birthday (Happy Birthday America!). And I am putting my money where my mouth is.

Prior to this Presidential election, I have never given money to any political candidate. Frankly, I need my money to fill my gas tank and raise my kids. But this year is different. This year we have a candidate of unprecedented courage who will not run again. Against all odds, we have a real chance to elect a President with character, conviction and qualifications - the experience to know what to do, and the backbone to do it.

Many people have tried to tell me, directly or indirectly, that this cause is foolish. That McCain isn't really a hero - just a guy who flew a plane that got shot down. That McCain isn't really going to solve anything. That McCain can't possibly do any good because he's too old. Too feisty. Too Republican. Or not Republican enough.

Those people are WRONG. The only way to prove them wrong is by electing John McCain.

This year, a motley crew of independent activists, ranging from zealous idealists to pragmatic realists, have developed a new home for all of us who want the RIGHT kind of change in America. 'Let's Get This Right' is the epicenter of grassroots support for McCain and other strategically chosen candidates who can ensure that in 2009, America heads in the right direction.

Today, millions of PUMAs will voice their dissent to the DNC's ill-advised, undemocratic selection of their nominee by donating to the McCain campaign. I invite you all to contribute $19.64 - one penny for each day of John McCain's POW captivity - or an amount suitable to your means through the Let's Get it Right Fundraising Movement.

Money can't buy you an election, but it can buy you a voice. Let's show McCain that we will speak up for him. Today we declare our independence from overspending government, Big Brother policies, and amoral leadership. Today, and in November, we will get this right.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It's America's 232nd (not 223 - just a typo) birthday and this great country is just hitting its stride. Remember when the senators and congressional leaders sang "God Bless America" on 9/11/2001 on the DC steps? With a great leader like John McCain, we can continue to be great!