Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bravo Zulu McCain!

August 1 is the anniversary of John McCain's promotion to Captain in the U.S. Navy. In lieu of a fruit basket, my friends at Blogs for John McCain have set an ambitious goal to get $10,000 in donations TODAY for McCain.

Please contribute via (directs you to Slatecard secure link) so we can track those donations to today's money bomb.

This will be *the* pivotal month of the campaign. We NEED participation from everyone to show support for the campaign and fund signs, calls, travel, advertising, donuts, all of it.

To those who don't think McCain needs the money, we have to counter Obama's unlimited funds, thanks to his dishonoring his commitment to take public financing.

To those who are waiting until McCain picks his VP, send your donation and email the campaign to tell them who your pick is and why. This will speak louder than any form of silence.

To those who are waiting until the convention, please remember we have to compete with the Olympics, the Democratic National Convention, and, frankly, the entire mainstream media to make sure our message is heard.

To those who like McCain and support him but don't donate, I have a few thoughts. I have never contributed to a political candidate until this election. If Obama is elected, my family will pay $8,500 MORE in taxes next year, and my kids' college funds, due to capital gains tax changes, will be worth 15% LESS. So ponying up $50 right now to ensure victory for the other guy isn't just emotionally smart, it is a smart investment in my family's financial security.

To the people who are in truly tight financial straits, please shake your couch cushions, pockets, bottom of the purse, drawer, top of dresser, under car seats, coats in the hall closet. Send what you can - you won't miss those coins, trust me.

To the people who think they can't change anything by donating, you're wrong. We have the power, right now, to give America a truly great President. Is that worth $10 to you? I hope so.

Thanks for listening and thank you Senator McCain for your brave service to our country.

PS - If you donate today and email me at moms4mccain at, I will send you a FREE Moms for McCain bumper sticker!

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Kat said...

Hey Jean! Would you be willing to cross post this? You say it so much better than me!