Sunday, November 2, 2008

Win Undecided Voters With a Question

Here are some "parting thoughts" to share with undecided voters, online, in person, on the phone:

Who do you trust to stand up to people with bad ideas or dishonest motives? Can you name one time Obama has shown courage or stood up for an unpopular idea? Who will deliver on this promise: the man who talks about it, or the man who's done it and has the scars to prove it?

Do you want a far-left Democratic President, Democratic supermajority in Congress, and liberal court who will rubber stamp everything each other does? (Lots about this at Divided We Succeed, interesting site supporting balanced 'divided' government).

Would you hire someone with no training or experience in your field to make life and death decisions for thousands of people and budget choices for billions of dollars? Then wouldn't McCain make a better Commander-in-Chief than Obama?

Do you care about gun rights? No? Well, if you'd ignore the 2nd amendment, the 1st and all the rest aren't far behind.

If you were building your dream home, who would you choose as the architect - the edgy young guy who never built anything to speak of, or the experienced veteran who has built many beautiful homes - even if he works for a firm that's not "in vogue"?

Do you want a man who thinks life and death decisions are "above his paygrade" or a President who's willing to take a stand?

Do you believe that a man who spent over $600 million to have a 50/50 shot at election will really spend your money responsibly?

And last but not least...

Who will make real "change" in government: a guy with a decades-long record of successful reform, or the guy who gives speeches about it?

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