Monday, June 16, 2008

I Am (Not) Against Barack Obama

The last months of blogging have introduced me to some truly frightening information on Barack Obama. The false rumors were bad. But the true ones, honestly, were worse.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and other diverse candidates have all converged in the McCain uniserse with alarming Obama tales to tell. His friends. His pastor. His family. His on-again-off-again lapel pins. And I have to admit, it is very very tempting to post them all here, in their entirety, as a rather compelling portrait of someone who is, at best, a wild card, and at worst, an extremist loon.

BUT I won't. For two reasons. First, because over a million (rightfully) angry people are already doing this. And second, because undecided voters really are responding more favorably to McCain supporters proud of his record than to militant! Obama! Supporters! Who! Call! You! Nasty! Names! When! You! Question! Their! Candidate!!!!

In coming months, I will undoubtedly take Obama to task for poor judgment and issue positions which are not in America's best interests. I will point out where he is wrong and what his past record and future policies will mean for real Moms and families. But I will not rant and rave (or at least I'll try not to).

At the end of the day, I am not "against Barack Obama." I am against inexperience. I am against plagiarism, overt or subtle, of ideas which have been tried and failed. I am against double standards and wishy-washy politicians who try to have it both ways. I am against people who feel it necessary to cheat to win. I am against people who believe public service is their personal vehicle to shine, rather than an opportunity to humbly give back to a nation they love. I am against people who believe America owes them something, when in fact, for all of us who speak and live freely with roofs over our heads, the opposite is true.

I am FOR John McCain. I am FOR the guy who had his arms and legs broken, was tortured daily, and chose to stay in those conditions because of his duty to others. I am FOR the guy who values his own military sons' safety more highly than the political desirability their service could bring to his campaign. I am FOR the guy who cares more about doing what's right than getting elected. I am FOR the guy whose campaign has less money because he wouldn't kiss the butt of big business, extremist leaders, or other pork-seeking special interests.

It is important that those of us who are passionate about McCain keep the spotlight on HIM. It has been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and Obama's name is everywhere. But every debate over Obama's cousin's brother's church in Africa is one less story about what McCain *will* do in office - veto wasteful spending, lower gas prices through responsible alternatives, strengthen morale and effectiveness of our military, and represent America with pride around the world. Our country's safety and strength matter more than anyone's lapel pin or shady friends.

So readers, I pledge to you today: I will not spread lies about Barack Obama. Because the truth is scary enough.


ConservativeMom said...

Brava! Great point! And truly, I think that Obama does enough damage to his campaign on his own. :-) Michelle

Anonymous said...

I am a mom of a 24 yr old daughter, my best friend has seen 2 of her sons go to Iraq and return and they are now heading back again. One of her sons needs psychiatric help, but the VA has refused to treat him for his PTSD symptoms. He is on the verge of suicide. A 23 yr old with 3 years of College …if he survives another tour… is living a life of hell. My problem with Sen. McCain is that as a victim of torture himself he did not stand up to the President and say it was wrong for the military to water-boarding our captives. To me, this means we are no better than any terrorist. Any of the religious rights values were dissolved when we became as evil as they are. When I moved here to Snohomish county from Michigan to work in the medical field I have never come across as much prejudice against blacks, middle easterners, Jews and Asians as I have heard express here in King/Snohomish counties. Over and over I hear “I am not voting for a black man” or “this country is not ready for a black president”. Five years ago I found Sen. McCain an appealing candidate, but no longer…I now see him bowing to the Republican machine. I do not have a TV, but I watch each candidate’s speeches on youtube clips to evaluate the substance of there speeches. To me the USA is a melting pot of people, all people need to be represented, and all religions need freedom to be worshiped as directed by their god up to the point that it interferes with another’s freedom. I still want the to be able to have a religious-free public life where another’s person’s religion is not becoming law, influencing my children and defining my personal beliefs.

tigrefan98 said...

Thanks for your comment.

Having experienced the ravages of torture, McCain has actually spoken AGAINST it. See nonpartisan site - scroll down to "torture." With 2 sons currently serving in the military, including one who was in Iraq very recently, McCain is a man who understands the true cost of war and will make military decisions with both leadership and personal context.

I have personally 'met', in person or online literally hundreds of McCain supporters over the last year, and I have never encountered ONE who used racism as a justification for their vote. Regrettably, racism and other forms of prejudice are still real in America. But people of all colors deserve a fair and open discussion of all the issues and a chance to judge candidates on their merits. And people of all colors deserve the right to vote their conscience and not their skin.

McCain doesn't "exploit" his personal faith for political gain, preferring to attend church to pray privately rather than to 'meet and greet' or create a media circus. To me that speaks volumes about his sincerity and integrity.